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12 Things to Help You Sleep, From CBD Gummies to the Perfect Pillow

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Until I was 16, my mom made me go to bed at 8:30 p.m. I’m still not sure whether it was because she deeply understood the importance of REM sleep or just wanted a couple of hours to herself at the end of the day, but either way, I hated it. I had to tape The O.C. to watch a day later than everyone else at school, go to bed when the sun was still up during daylight savings, and, on more than one occasion, endure hearing my mom answer the phone and tell a friend (or worse, crush), “Sorry, Gyan’s gone to bed. I’ll tell her you called in the morning” at what was likely 8:31 p.m. It was the stuff teenage nightmares are made of.

But as an adult, I’d sell my soul for such a sleep schedule — I wish I still had someone to block my late-night calls and make sure I get a solid nine hours. Sadly, I’m too emotionally stubborn to beg my mom to move to New York and keep my phone under lock and key when the clock strikes 8:30. So I’ve done the next best thing and asked the Man Repeller team to share the things that get them into bed and fast asleep each night.

The Silk Pillow That Will Ruin Other Pillows

Recommended by: Haley, Deputy Editor

How much it costs: $150

Why she loves it: Night Pillow helps me sleep at night. I heard about this pillow because of its silk covering (which is better for my coarse hair), but the first time I held it in my hands, I was worried it would be too firm. It’s very dense, with a memory foam-like weight and feel to it. But I’ve never slept on a more comfortable pillow; it supports my head and neck in a way I’ve never experienced. It’s expensive ($150), but it feels expensive, and — fair warning — ruins all other pillows. My only complaint is that it’s black, which doesn’t look great with my all-white bedding. But it’s changed my sleep, so it’s worth the mismatch.

The Air Purifier That Doubles as a White Noise Machine

Recommended by: Hillary Nelson, Product Manager

How much it costs: $54.99

Why she loves it: I recently added an air purifier to my bedroom on the recommendation of my allergist and it acts like a white noise machine. If you’re thinking of investing in a white noise machine, go with this instead because you’ll get the added benefit of cleaner air.

The Weighted Blanket That Will Make You Feel Very Safe

Recommended by: Mallory Rice, Executive Editor

How much it costs: $100

Why she loves it: My best friend and I have this sort of code for when one of us really needs to talk—like, talk with a capital T. We call it “getting in the linens.” It’s when the person who needs to Talk invites themselves over to the other person’s apartment so they can burrow into their bed and express what’s troubling them while the other one, the one who lives there, keeps busy by tidying their apartment as they listen, or, if things are really bad, makes the afflicted party a drink. That’s why the thing I’m recommending is actually something that belongs to her. A couple of months ago she bought a 15 lb blanket which has truly changed the ritual of getting in her linens. Now, I barely even have time to complain before the blanket has lulled me to sleep. When I wake up, I feel like I’ve been in a multi-year hibernation. Whatever was bothering me seems suddenly—as it probably always was—dumb. I just texted her to make sure she endorses the blanket too, and her only criticism was this: “Honestly, I wish I went for the 20 pounder.”

The CBD Products People Can’t Get Enough Of

Recommended by: Naveen, Harling and Matt

How much they cost: $45–$79

Why they love them:

“These Plant People CBD drops feel like a down comforter for my brain. I used to fall asleep as soon as I was horizontal, but that’s now when I begin to notice my thumb joint pain from iPhone, my sore eyes from wearing contacts too long, and the pinch in my shoulder from trying to save the world by fitting all of my groceries into a single tote bag. These drops are the healthy-millennial version of an Ibuprofen and glass of red wine before bed.” –Naveen Ghushe, President

“I’ve tried dozens of CBD tinctures before bed to help me sleep, and Gossamer Dusk stands out as a favorite because its effectiveness is so obvious. Every time I remember to take it (one full dropper before bed — sometimes two), I fall asleep more easily and wake up feeling more well-rested. It’s unique in that it contains high levels of CBN, which is known for its sedative properties. I normally remember what I dream about when I take it but I recently dreamt that I was trying to invent a new recipe for homemade Cheetos. Don’t ask me why!” –Harling Ross, Fashion Editor

Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops help me sleep because they feel like such an indulgence. The product itself tastes great and the packaging is luxe as fuck. Not only are the gumdrops effective, the experience of consuming them is such a delightful, indulgent feeling that it makes it feel particularly special.” –Matt Little, Head of Business Development

The Epsom Salts That Make an Evening Bath a Million Times Better

Recommended by: Jasmin Aujla, Director of Partnerships

How much it costs: $4.49

Why she loves it: A warm bath with Epsom salts before bed is a guarantee of a good night’s sleep for me. I can literally feel the tension in my muscles ease up afterwards. I also really try to not look at my phone for at least 30-45 minutes before going to bed, and either read a book or write some things I’m grateful for in a notebook instead.

The Melatonin Gummies and Pills That Give the Gift of Deep Sleep

Recommended by: Crystal and Emily

How much they cost: $7.99–$13.99

Why they love it:

“These Olly gummies are the real damned deal! I don’t take them every night, but when I’m having trouble falling asleep and the soft lull of Michael Scott, Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin’s voice, isn’t cutting it, these do the trick. I’m seriously asleep within 20 minutes and don’t wake up groggy. As a person who calls bullshit on melatonin, I can say these have been a sleep saver for me on those nights when my mind is racing and I need some help counting sheep.” –Crystal Anderson, Manager of Production

“I only recently started taking these melatonin pills because I was suffering from really bad insomnia, likely due to my ongoing stress/anxiety/depression. I currently have slightly mixed feelings about them. On the one hand, I’ve gotten some of the deepest nights of sleep in my life. On the other hand, I’ve been having some really bizarre dreams.” –Emily Zirimis, Visual Manager

The Linen Sheets That Were Made for Sweaty Sleepers

Recommended by: Gyan Yankovich, Managing Editor

How much they cost: $239–$279

Why she loves them: After another winter in an outrageously overheated apartment, I decided it was time to replace my cheap and sweaty sheets with a set of breathable linen ones. After some research, I bought these fair trade Pottery Barn sheets that have great reviews and felt reasonably priced for linen bedding. They’ve made such a huge difference to my sleep that I dread the nights I have to go back to my old sheets while these ones are at the laundromat.

The Organic Salve That Combines All the Best Essential Oils

Recommended by: Amalie MacGowan, Social Media Manager

How much it costs: $48

Why she loves it: I have the rare ability of being able to sleep on any surface, in any position, during any time of day. That being said, the foolproof way for me to fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow is a shower before bed followed by a nighttime routine that includes a full body greasing with Lauren’s All Purpose Natural Salve. It’s a mix of shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil with added lavender, peppermint and patchouli. The scent now has a Pavlovian effect on me and I can feel my eyes getting heavy as I’m putting it on.

The Massage Balls That Are Perfect to Use While Listening to ASMR

Recommended by: Nora Taylor, Copywriter

How much it costs: $9.99

Why she loves it: A whole production that includes Aura Cacia chill pill essential oils, Trader Joe’s melatonin, showering at night, rolling out my shoulder knots and listening to ASMR (mostly of people tapping on things) helps me sleep at night.

The Compression Eye Mask That’s a Life-Saver During a Migraine

Recommended by: Gyan Yankovich, Managing Editor (Hi, it’s me again!)

How much it costs: $12.99

Why she loves it: The other product I swear by is this compression eye mask. I keep it in the freezer, ready to whip out whenever I get a migraine and need to put my aching brain to sleep. It’s filled with weighted beads, which apply the perfect amount of pressure to my eyes and stays cold for about 20 minutes once out of the freezer. I don’t know how I’d survive regular migraines without it.

The Lavender Sleep Balm That’s Worth Using Every Night

Recommended by: Maggie Hoyle, Customer Experience Coordinator

How much it costs: $9.73

Why she loves it: Anything lavender-scented helps lull me into a deep sleep but more specifically, I’ve used this lavender rub for almost as long as I can remember. I just lather it on my eyes, nose, collarbone, ears and temples before bed. Honestly, I would bathe in it if I could.

Collage by Madeline Montoya.

Gyan Yankovich

Gyan Yankovich is the Managing Editor at Man Repeller.

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