Office Apropos: 30 Summer Outfits We Wore Last Week

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August is one of the most interesting months to get dressed in–31 days of sartorial opportunity that are qual parts humbling (because of the excess moisture my body is likely to produce) and bucket-list-inducing (a veritable swan song for walking around with the barest of limbs). Each outfit feels uniquely precious, albeit challenging, in that sense, an episodic homage to the dog days of late summer. To that point, in this initial batch of Summer 2019 Office Apropos, you’ll witness six members of Team MR playing the hits with (dare I say?) magnificent aplomb: crochet tank tops, denim shorts, floral sundresses, waterproof sandals, minimalist tanks, enormous tote bags, et al. Let us know what you think, and whether you’re stealing any ideas. We heavily encourage theft in this franchise. I’m talking metaphorically here, but I’m also not opposed to loaning you my Tevas.

Leandra, Day 1:

Do you ever get that feeling when you want to wear two specific garments, and feel like you need to do it at the same, and are moderately sure that they are going to work well together, but not completely sure? I ordered this top from Rosie’s pre-fall collection in February and knew then that I was going to wear it backwards (she styled a different top from the same collection like this and because it’s tie front, I love how the bow cascaded down the models back), probably with these white Celine pants I ordered from Yoox about four years ago. I remember how much I paid for them because I don’t forget shit like that ($380) and it’s been worth it to the extent that they consistently make me feel like the woman I wanted to become back then, who I’m pretty confident I’m becoming now. The TL;DR on her is: has shit together.

Leandra, Day 2:

I didn’t mention that there was a torrential downpour yesterday, which boded really interestingly for a pair of white linen pants, but on this day, with the sun out, flames-a-blazing, I wore a tank top that could be a quilted blanket and galvanized designer basketball shorts from Prabal Gurung’s men’s collection. I got the top last summer after pre-ordering it from the danish brand Cecilie Bahnsen and the shorts are one of the only proactive purchases I have made this summer, obtained from Farfetch in May at 65% off retail. I bought the sandals relatively full price during a 25% off promotion that Neiman Marcus was running in the spring, but would have gone so far as to not save anything if no opportunity presented itself because I have worn these fuckers into the ground. They’ve been my best acquisition of the season which I know because I already want a replacement pair of the same exact shoe. Is this what it feels like to land–and I do mean land–in your personal style? A fun unrelated fact: On this day, I also interviewed Chloe Sevigny at 11 Howard; you’ll see what transpired from that conversation tomorrow, right here, on

Leandra, Day 3:

An outfit like this reminds me that effectually, my style is the same as it has always been. I wore a fairly literal version of this exact outfit for Man Repeller like, five years ago with an Isabel Marant tank and Gucci loafers (OG horsebits!). I bought these cut-offs from the double decker Urban Outfitters store on 60th street across from Bloomingdales when I was junior in college; they were $28 and part of that early initiative of the brand called Urban Renewal and I know they’re as good as vintage Levi’s get because I still have and marvel in having them. The wash, the stark white on the ripping, the rise — all of it suits me exactly how I want it to. I got the lace tank from The RealReal last year and the denim shirt is from Christine Centenera’s brand, Wardrobe. Their most recent release was a collaboration with Levi’s. The loafers are Church’s; I bought them in London three summers ago when I was there for a Gucci show. The whole look reminds me of the groundbreaking first cover Anna Wintour styled for Vogue with Michaela Bercu; she was wearing a Christian Lacroix couture jacket and Guess jeans. That was like, the first time couture and jeans were photographed together.

Leandra, Day 4:

Another day another Wardrobe staple. Pun intended! This blazer is from the same Levi’s collab Wardrobe release, and I’m wearing with a black tank top and shorts by Nike (they were $26, I got them from Zappos). The loafers are Bougeotte and the bag is Staud. It poured on this day, and as a very fun fact: I worked out at 8 a.m. in the tank and shorts, then swiftly applied the blazer, loafer and handbag and made it to a 9:15 meeting with four minutes free time to spare. I guess a good addendum would be that my definition of working out is laying flatly on a mat and lifting my legs. Still! That’s something, no?

Leandra, Day 5:

I’ve officially decided to engender the traits of the woman I’m becoming, first by dressing like her. In this caftan from Rosie’s pre-fall 2017 collection, which I’d been wearing all wrong (tied in the front, instead of across my neck) last summer, I get to embody the spirit of a woman who is like oil in that everything slides off of her, except for herself, but that doesn’t stop her from making the culinary sustenance she touches all the greater. The sandals are by The Row; I got them for myself right before my first IVF transfer to wear to the facility where they’d shoot the first blastocyst up my vag. It didn’t stick, but the shoes did.

Crystal, Day 1:

I woke up late today, that’s why it looks like my body parts are going to no fewer than four separate events. I got this Tune Squad jersey in Maryland last week and these shorts have been with me for more years than I can count, and I don’t see a world in which they will ever leave me. They are the perfect old-ass pair of cut-offs. I got them on Etsy for about $20! There is no excuse for this oddly matched purse. It’s my beach bag, but I didn’t have time to switch out my stuff, so here we are! And, if you know anything about me, you already know how I feel about crocs. I’d wear them with a ball gown.

Crystal, Day 2:

Last Summer Haley showed me a picture of YG in the most adorable transitional outfit and this is my attempt at it. YG had on a flannel and cute jean shorts but I’m feeling good about my very loose interpretation. People were looking at my crazy for having on a sweatshirt, but this vintage sweatshirt is the most threadbare, thrashed, softest thing I own and it breathes so I can wear it in almost every season! The shorts were actually pants but I turned them in an adult diaper situation specifically for this outfit! I tie-dyed the socks myself and totally forgot about this cute ass shoes until I moved and have been figuring out a way to wear them all summer!

Crystal, Day 3:

I love this linen dress so so much!! It’s Y/Project and it stupid and makes zero sense and is everything I never knew I needed. I first tried it without the jeans but it felt a little formal, so I popped on the jeans and felt like a fancy person with a long ass train. The purse is also one of my fave things, it fits soooooo much shit, including my laptop and can still fit on my arm. Also, these furry slippers make me feel like a 1940’s screen actress.

Crystal, Day 4:

Wrangler x Lil Nas X vest -- similar here, vintage shirt -- another here, Dickies pants, Sabah shoes Wrangler x Lil Nas X vest -- similar here, vintage shirt -- another here, Dickies pants, Sabah shoes

I got botox today you guys (you’ll hear more on that later) but I really thought about what my “botox outfit” was gonna be and I decided that I wanted to seem chill and like “Oh, Botox? No big deal!” so I ended up leaving the house dressed like a cavalier farmer. My fave fave fave part of this outfit is this Wrangler vest. It’s from the collab they did with Lil Nas X! I feel very in the know when I wear it. The shirt is vintage and literally the only reason I bought it was because it says “Herman” on the sleeve and that’s my girlfriend’s last name. The pants are old Dickies and are so so great. Everyone needs a pair. Today, my feet covers are by this adorable brand called Sabah. They are my house slippers and my everyday slippers. So comfy but also chic enough to wear with pretty much anything!! My coffee is by the Bodega down the street, in case anybody wanted to know.

Crystal, Day 5:

This outfit came together because I REALLY wanted to finally wear these Off White x Timberland boots that I found in a Nordstrom rack for $100!!! These shoes came out last season and were $1,400 ya’ll! Clearly someone made an oopsie on pricing, but that ain’t my business! I got this perfect little sequined jacket in Texas and my fave jean shorts made a 2nd appearance for the week, because I legit wear them at least twice a week in the summer.

Elizabeth, Day 1:

I got this dress early in the summer to wear to my boyfriends cousin’s wedding. When I put it on, he asked if I could wear something a little “less Man Repeller-y.” I said no, I cannot. I love pairing this dress with a chain belt (as I did for wedding) and heels or with these discontinued Dr. Martens that have safety pin buckles (!!). They’re sold on a British site. You’re welcome because they’re very comfy and great for rain.

Elizabeth, Day 2:

I’ve had these bottoms—which are shorts disguised as a skirt—since my freshman year of college. Probably one of my oldest garments (other than vintage) that I wear the most. It was wet outside again so I paired them with my favorite knee-high Maryam Nassir Zadeh boots. They’re still in production. I think it’s been 3 seasons now? They’re a staple for me.

Elizabeth, Day 3:

Today we shot a styling piece about reverse layering on my being, so here I am with a swim bandeau layered over a men’s striped shirt and pajama bottoms that look like men’s boxers! For the layering story, I actually layered a lace bra over instead, but you already knew that. On my feet’s are cow print clogs by Tory Burch that I swear are so so comfortable with their slingback and rubber sole.

Elizabeth, Day 4:

It rained. Again! So I decided to wear these white rubber boots by Clergerie x Both and a rain blazer by Kule. The boots are one of my favorite shoes right now because something about the white makes them feel cooler than the black boots I wear all the time. They’re also very comfortable to walk in and fairly light weight for a boot. I stole my boyfriend’s soft striped Tombolo top (it’s a T-shirt material but has a collar—very cool) and he said it looked great on me so I guess it’s basically mine now! Thanks, Mikey!

Elizabeth, Day 5:

Saved my favorite for last: a black linen set I concocted. This ruffle tank is by a brand I found on Etsy called Emma Knudsen. I don’t usually discover single brands I love on Etsy, because I tend to buy vintage on the site, but this one from Canada—just like moi—is so good. I wore pajama shorts from Sleeper and added loafers so I didn’t look like I was wearing a linen pajama set to work. My crown is two scarves twisted together to make it have more volume, rings are by this cool brand called La Manso that you should 100% follow on Instagram. My shoulder Snuggie is a handmade cardigan by the brand Good Omen, run by the kindest woman who shares my name and whom I met last season. I have the matching tank making the greatest sweater set on earth.

Haley, Day 1:

Frankie Shop shirt -- similar here, vintage shorts -- similar here, Superga sneakersFrankie Shop shirt -- similar here, vintage shorts -- similar here, Superga sneakers

I completely forgot about the existence of these shorts, which Crystal gave me during our closet sale in the winter, until they fell off of my shelf as I was reaching for something else. Serendipity or proof I need to clean out my closet? They are such a curious treat, kind of like leather bike shorts, which I appreciate as I’m not personally interested in bike shorts but do enjoy the proportions. I found this shirt at Frankie Shop a month ago and knew right away that I would be it. It’s a very thick and structured material, and it makes me feel like a park ranger. Went for socks and sneakers because I was going to be on set (and then walking around) with Jacqueline Novak for a story. Was not prepared for the downpour that would soon arrive.

Haley, Day 2:

I woke up after a poor night of sleep with few ideas and decided to just rewear an outfit I wore last week. I don’t do that often because after I wear a specific outfit I find the spark is gone (an extremely toxic mindset…), and that definitely happened here. I’m bored by myself! The reverse buttoning is getting to be too much! But I do love this outfit for its component parts. These shorts have been the hero of my summer. As have these black brogues paired with black socks, which has weirdly become my go-to footwear this season. I also love this oxford shirt from & Other Stories. It might actually be the perfect white button-down.

Haley, Day 3:

Dare I say I woke up uninspired again? I decided to start with this Tibi skirt (my summer investment buy), hoping it would spark joy/creativity for the remaining parts, but no such luck. For lack of a better idea I tried on this white tank I recently found in a $5 bin at a thrift store and hadn’t worn yet (I bought it for the perfect oversized arm holes). I tucked it in for variety—I’ve been wearing this skirt with a lot of open shirts and untucked tops this summer and wanted to switch it up. Didn’t love it didn’t hate it. At first I tried black Birkenstocks, wondering if they would make the outfit look uber-minimal in an old Celine way, but in reality I just looked aggressively plain. So I swapped them out for sock sneakers at the last minute. Not pictured: the buttoned-up Everlane chore jacket I wore most of the day because the office was cold.

Haley, Day 4:

I’ve had a hard dressing week. Sometimes I go for weeks at a time feeling creative and excited by my closet but it seems those periods are always followed by ruts, which I’m very much in right now. It’s an ebb and flow that cycles over and over. It’s annoying but also predictable, which is something I can accept. Anyway, I went with these coated pants from Rodebjer (which I recently learned is pronounced ro-deb-ee-yair) because they’re outfit-makers without sacrificing the art of subtlety (they are just a hint of dark green and the perfect amount of looseness). I knew I wanted to wear these Everlane rain boots because it was going to rain and I liked the idea of pairing such utilitarian garments. The basic white T-shirt represents nothing more than a lack of ideas.

Haley, Day 5:

I shall call this My Sartorial Week of Unrest and Unrelaxation. This is another variation on an outfit I’ve very recently worn, chosen to relieve myself from having to choose! I actually felt pretty good in this though, probably because Avi told me I look like a cult leader. I got these Rachel Comey pants a year ago, around the time I shot therapy clothes, and they are indeed therapy clothes. I used to find them a little hard to wear, but once I started rolling the waist and cuffing the hems my pseudo-masseuse world opened up. This Nikki Chasin shirt is just a party, which I wore because it’s MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!

Harling, Day 1:

I really wanted to wear this new skirt from LPA, which I love, but the gathered waist doesn’t look quite right on me with a lot of tops, so I was pleased to discover that one of my favorite summer tops from Ciao Lucia complemented it nicely. I wanted to wear black shoes with it so I put on these from Ancient Greek Sandals that I’ve worn so many times this summer they are starting to look somewhat dilapidated but are soooo comfy (it was supposed to rain–and did–so I’m glad I wore shoes that are already a little past their prime). They used to have little charms attached to the top strap but they fell off 🙁 The bag is from a cool brand I discovered recently called Montunas. In hindsight, in this outfit, I’m a dead ringer for Lucille Ball in that episode of I Love Lucy when she squishes grapes with her feet.

Harling, Day 2:

This (Reformation top + & Other Stories pants) is one of my favorite outfit combinations of all time. I’ve worn it a bunch. It looks significantly better when I’ve taken the time to de-wrinkle both items. Today was not one of those days. The top is an oldie but goodie from a few summers ago (although I’m pretty sure Reformation keeps producing it because it’s been so popular). The pants I got in France a few years ago, when & Other Stories was still only in Europe, so they felt like an especially special discovery at the time. The tote is from Hayward Luxury, one of my favorite bag brands. Inside said tote was one of the T-shirts Haley designed (Big Spoon, baby!), which I changed into for her event later that night. It rained AGAIN, which was unfortunate since the pants are a bit long and got kind of grimy.

Harling, Day 3:

Here I am basically trying to look like an Isabel Marant groupie circa 2014 (successfully, I think?). The shirt is, in fact, Isabel Marant. My mom got it for Christmas for me years ago from YOOX. The skirt is a more recent acquisition from LoveShackFancy earlier this summer. I honestly don’t know how I feel about the proportions of this outfit, now that I’m seeing it in a photo. I definitely resemble an adult baby, which is a cool vibe for someone tall like Alexa Chung but on 5’4″ me it might be too on the nose. Idk! No one offered me a pacifier, so that’s something. The shoes are from a small brand called Wilder, and I’m pleased to report they required zero breaking in. The bag? Mansur Gavriel! So much fun to cinch! I usually carry smaller bags to work, but I was going to pilates at the end of the day and had to pack some clothes for that.

Harling, Day 4:

Today I felt like a bit of a parody myself, as a result of the floral dress on my body, the Teva sandals on my feet, the mini bag in my hand, and the seashell barrette in my hair. It was peak Harling, a thing I’ve been trying to avoid lately (what are Office Apropos captions if not an opportunity to vet potential identity crises?), but in this case the various components came together for specific reasons. The RIXO dress is a favorite of mine, so I’ve been eager to wear it. The shoes are waterproof, chosen because of the 60% chance of thunderstorms. The bag called to me distinctly from the back of my closet. The barrette held back my slightly dirty, frizzy hair. You get the idea.

Harling, Day 5:

This outfit was based on a previously employed template that I *know* works, as a result of being too lazy to think of a new one on the morning in question: high-waist khaki shorts + cropped white top (I have a number of these in various styles–they’re tried and true staples, in my book). I’m wearing a Repeller barrette for the same reason I was wearing a barrette yesterday (I really need to wash my hair because right now it’s in that weird in-between stage where the humidity starts eroding the blowout I got the week prior). Tevas, again, because it was supposed to rain AND DID–much to my chagrin on a day with an outdoor shoot planned. The bag is from Dinosaur Designs and so interesting to look at I’m inclined to display it as a statement piece in my home instead of using it for quotidian duties like key-carrying. The bracelets on my wrist are Roxanne Assoulin. She named them the “Stick of Butter” stack in honor of the completely bizarre hashtag I started on Instagram awhile ago.

Jasmin, Day 1:

It was muggy, rainy and I didn’t have any external meeting so I wore pajamas and shoes that could withstand getting wet!

Jasmin, Day 2:

Probably my favorite outfit I wore this week, and totally inspired by this.

Jasmin, Day 3:

Pretty much wearing some kind of variation of this outfit most of the summer.

Jasmin, Day 4:

I think it’s important to note I was too hot all day wearing this. I still have no clue how to dress when it’s raining this summer.

Jasmin, Day 5:

From a back to back day of client meetings straight to a carnival-themed MR community event where I got an ear piercing AND a temporary tattoo.


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Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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