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3 Monochrome Outfits for Summer-to-Fall Transition Weather

In partnership with Vince. 

Give me your hand.

We’re going to walk through the dressing transition from summer to fall together, and I promise: It’s going to be as delicious as a bowl of ice cream is in any weather. Calendar-wise, fall is weeks and weeks away, so we have time. I just know that I personally wanted to feel mentally prepared this ’round.

The key is to keep monochrome in mind on the one side of the brain, and your surroundings on the other — but what the key is not is to simply (or superficially) “blend in.” Instead, matching your backdrop acts as a wearable reminder that at least for now, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be — especially when you’re feeling angsty and locationally torn post-vacation, and on a mental loop of the question, “Should I just go ahead and move to [insert beach town you recently visited here]?”

Not to mention, going monochrome makes getting dressed a whole lot easier because it eliminates the extra-choices thing.

Man Repeller partnered with Vince to show you what I mean.

Let’s Start With Cream

I know you’re worried about stains, but don’t be. As with buildings, all additions to the main layer of paint add character.

With that out of the way, you will need: a summer-weight white turtleneck and white sandals for your feet. To wrap the top up and make it fall-appropriate, add a massive cream-colored knit sweater (tied like a friendly hug or present around your shoulders). And without being hyperbolic, there is no question in my mind that you require these absolutely perfect high waist Vince trousers, which will handily take you through all four seasons. Five if you’re a fan of seasonal umami.

Even if you’re not, once you’ve got the outfit, find a cream-colored wall and pose. Color-wise, you’ll be instantly reminded of the sand you keep finding in the bottom of your pockets, a souvenir that should last you at least through October.

Now Let’s Try a Dusty Pink, a Burning Gold

Recall memories of early July’s pink-sky-at-night sunsets with a rose colored coat and skirt/top combo in the color of the sun as it goes to bed. Find a cotton candy wall that will have your back as you take a day-dream nap back to the start of summer — but before you get too sad, remember that sandals are appropriate until at least the end of September (or until your toes send up the white flag), and remember too that pink sunsets don’t only happen in June through August, they’re a year-round-thing.

And you know what other nature-given gifts are rose gold? Autumnal leaves.

Last But Not Least, a Blue Deep Dive 

Embody a human body of water in neck-to-ankle denim. Tie a royal blue sweater around your waist but keep the jacket’s top button buttoned. Wear that over yet another sweater, only instead of denim or royal, try sky blue. If that sounds like more layers than you’re used to this far out in the summer, good: you’ll be glad for it at the end of September, but also, when standing this close to the breezy pre-fall water, you’ll pick up a chill quicker than usual. It will be as if you were still sitting on an exotic beach, the last-night-of-vacation breeze setting in…

It’s okay that you’re not, though. You’re back home. And it’s sweet as they say it is.

Photos by Edith Young. Modeled by Stephany A.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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