In partnership with Veronica Beard

3 Unconventional Ways to Avoid a Winter Style Rut

In partnership with Veronica Beard.

You’re probably going to tell me it’s too early to think about this, that we’re still solidly in the throes of cheery, crisp fall weather, that Thanksgiving pie hasn’t even started baking yet, that it’s still FUN to bust out all the sweaters waiting patiently underneath your bed, and you wouldn’t be wrong in any respect, but hear me out: It’s time to start prepping for the inevitable winter style rut.

It’s easy to forget what happens every season. First, there’s a gradual dissolution of enchantment with stiff denim and chunky knits, then premature cravings for summer, followed by a sense of utter bewilderment every time you confront the cold-weather apparel in your closet. It doesn’t have to be like that, though. Just as bears load up on snacks pre-hibernation, we, too, can plan ahead before the first frost with a strategy for rethinking the definition of “winter clothing.”

In partnership with Veronica Beard, I have the pleasure of proposing three unconventional winter hero pieces for your consideration. Scroll down and bundle up!

#1 Shiny White Trousers

Thanks to the boring old rule about not wearing white pants after Labor Day, white doesn’t get as much airtime as mainstays like black, brown, navy, gray, and burgundy during winter. But that’s precisely why white–and particularly a white pair of pants–has the power to fill your chest with the zest of rut-busting style come January. Add a little bit of sheen to the mix and you’ve got yourself a festive staple that can be dressed down (with a cozy striped sweater) or up (with a matching jacket) depending on the scenario at hand.

#2 Elongated Bermuda Shorts

I’m honestly torn about whether to call these elongated Bermuda shorts or short culottes, but I’m going with the former since the idea of winter-appropriate shorts feels particularly exciting to me. I love the idea of wearing them with tall boots (as evidenced here), but I’m not at all opposed to the prospect of black tights and platform brogues as an alternative option. Either way, you’re guaranteed to be transported from the doldrums of denim monotony to a more carefree mental state.

#3 Dickeys Galore

Dickeys are the ultimate winter accessory because they’re a) extremely distinctive and b) they engender a cool layering effect without the subway sweat potential of actually layering a denim jacket under a corduroy blazer, for example. Veronica Beard is my hero for not only making dickeys galore (seriously, so. many. dickeys.), but also for making DICKEY JACKETS with hidden zippers so you can zip in the dickeys for supreme securement. Highly recommend on every level.

What are your favorite unconventional winter “staples”? Please do tell.

Photos by Kat Slootsky. Hair and Makeup by Sara FiorelloStyled by Harling Ross. Assisted by Share Koech.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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