I am Now Taking Resumes for Scarves and Sweaters That Match

As the human being sitting next to me while I write this scrolls through an endless selection of vintage station wagons, I am over here, minding at least half my business, scrolling through photos of Paris Fashion Week street style. I believe we both find these respective processes meditative to some degree. Or at least relaxing. We both get to turn our brains off for a minute while simultaneously giving our eyeballs something fun to look at, and almost guaranteed, a few photos will set a quick spark off in our heads that — once both brains turns back on, of course — provides a jolt of happiness and/or inspiration.

The confusing thing to me about the scrolling through cars is that you can daydream about them forever once you shut your computer, but you can’t physically scratch the itch of what you saw unless you get behind the wheel and breathe in that musty old station wagon smell. (Right? I’m doing some guessing.) With street style, however, there’s almost always a way to take action immediately, especially if you strip the outfits apart like string cheese to better identify what exactly it is that tickled your fancy. I, for example, am now armed with the great idea to hide a bunch of sequins in my trench coat, put together a monochrome scarf/sweater combo, hunt down some sort of knit black pencil skirt situation, get on my cropped jacket and mini skirt game, and finally, wear a camel-colored cardigan like a waistcoat underneath a caramel colored coat-coat. Oh sorry, am I still talking? Let me show you so that YOU can scroll.

1.As I said: I want to find a camel cardigan and wear it as a waistcoat! 

This feels wildly doable, so much so that I’m almost suspicious. There are, however, some important things to note in order to get the whole outfit right.

The first thing to clock is that is stylish woman’s classic white shirt has no collar. Very important. A collar will take your camel cardigan from interesting layering piece to 1950s Ivy Leaguer in a heartbeat — not a bad look (Love Story is one of my all-time favorite style movies, after all), but not THIS look. So okay. No collar.

Next! This is not the place for a V-neck cardigan. Your cardi should party all the way up to the neck, so that you can unbutton it ever so slightly.

Finally: No rips in the jeans’ knees. This is the biggest denim revelation for my personal Fall 2018 persona.

(But also, as always, do whatever the hell you like.)

2.Let the search for a cropped leather jacket and mid-thigh skirt commence. 

Sort of said it all in the headline there, didn’t I? But there’s still plenty to break down.

Firstly, I am pretty sure this woman is actually wearing a dress, for what it’s worth. Doesn’t matter for me: I want this dress as a skirt. It’s not so short that I’d feel like I was wearing a tissue loin cloth, but there’s also that fantastic thigh cut that allows the autumnal breeze to work its magic. And I like the pattern: brown houndstooth. It’s very fall. I wouldn’t mind a checked or plaid option though.

Next: the jacket. I don’t own anything like it so I’m going to have to do some searching. I want it cropped, leather (although corduroy may not be a bad option?), and somewhere in the fall foliage color palette.

Finally! Loafers. That’s an easy one. I have a pair waving to me right now from my closet.

3.Sequins inside my god damn trench coat.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That was my first reaction because I was mad about the fact that this Anouki trench HAS the sequins on the inside already, and it’s not exactly in my bank account’s wheelhouse.

But then I remembered that there is no reason that I cannot find a robe covered in gigantic paillettes (Topshop has one on sale for $140, currently) and wear it underneath ye olde classic trench.

Plus a white tee, plus jeans — again, without ripped knees. (I have to have one pair somewhere.)

4.I am now taking resumes for scarves and sweaters that match. 

I love the look of these plaid trousers tucked into a pair of printed sock booties (and even if that’s not actually what’s happening here, it looks like it is and I can’t unsee that). I also love the contrast of the blue bag against the orange.

But what I’m most invested in here is the monochrome scarf/sweater combo, and while I know this one doing all the work here is a unified piece, this feels too easy to replicate to worry about semantics.

What will take some getting used to is wearing a scarf indoors, but I think the single wrap over the shoulder, like a pashmina, is the difference between cozy and claustrophobic.

(P.S. Will add a super thin black turtleneck underneath.)

5.Letting go of my PR complex.

I used to work in PR when I was but a wee one, and we had to wear head-to-toe black at events. Once I moved out of PR, wearing all black made me feel like I was working, no matter the context — and even though I always thought it looked so elegant on everyone else, including my friends in PR currently, I basically took a seven-and-a-half year hiatus from it.

Well baby (felt right, sounds weird, I’m leaving it), I am ready to feel like a true New Yorker again.

All this look takes is a black turtleneck, easy, and a black knit pencil skirt that hits mid-calf, because I like the exposure of skin here (although any black bottoms that make you feel good will do). I like that the olive-y/khaki-colored blazer acts as everyone’s fashion favorite: a “pop” of color, and that the heels kind of have nothing to do with anything other than they look good and keep the bottoms of your feet clean.

That’s it from me…what are you going to wear?? We can also talk about vintage station wagons instead if you want to!

Photographed by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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