Recreating Street Style Looks Made Me Fall Back in Love With My Clothes

Most content disseminated on the internet is frustratingly transient — online today, forgotten tomorrow (sometimes even sooner). That’s why fashion week street style is particularly precious to me, because it is the rare example of digital media with a lifespan that can extend for months on end, inspiring all manner of outfit configurations, closet revelations and styling ideas. To prove it, Man Repeller’s editors have undertaken a number of street style copycat expeditions in prior seasons of fashion month, and this year, contributor Juliana Salazar volunteered herself for the challenge. Scroll below to see how she drew inspiration from her five favorite New York Fashion Week street style looks, and drop into the comments to let us know which outfits you’re eager to approximate. -Harling

Look #1: A Canadian Tuxedo That Isn’t Too Literal

I laughed (at myself) when I saw multiple Canadian tuxedos out and about during New York Fashion Week moments after changing out of one myself. I was worried that denim on denim was a lazy go-to, outdated even, but then was quickly reminded that when something is good, something is good. I particularly liked how Net-a-Porter Style Director Tracy Taylor paired her ensemble with a fringe jacket without making it look too western, so I did the same, doubling up on the contrast even further with a ladylike shoe. I will definitely wear this outfit again.

Look #2: A Trick for Making Suits Feel Fresh Again

Last winter, I was wearing a lot of suits to the point where they started to feel repetitive, but seeing this street style outfit made me realize a sporty sweater is an easy way to make them feel fresh and new again. I’ve had this sweater in my closet for two years now and have never thought to wear it like this. It’s amazing how après-ski elements can consistently salvage a winter look by virtue of their aesthetically appealing and genuinely warm attributes, but I particularly like the juxtaposition of something so sporty and nostalgic against a proper traditional khaki suit. This outfit would transition easily from the office to drinks with friends afterwards. I also imagine the top portion looking really cute with denim cut-offs when we strike another perfect 60-something degree day.

Outfit #3: An Easy Way to Hop Aboard the Dickie Train

Juliana wearing Ganni coat, Live the Process pants, Anine Bing boots, Matek dickie -- coming soonJuliana wearing Ganni coat, Live the Process pants, Anine Bing boots, Matek dickie -- coming soon

The dickie I have is definitely meant to go under your clothing (in the past I’ve worn it over a long-sleeved shirt under a coat), but when I saw Leandra wearing a one over her coat, I knew I had to try it. I put on my sleekest coat and luckily the dickie didn’t bunch up weirdly. This might have been my favorite outfit to copy because of how simple and easy it is, but still so different. WARDROBE.NYC’s leggings have been on my brain ever since I first saw them, but since they are unfortunately not a part of my actual wardrobe, I went with some Live the Process knit pants instead.

Outfit #4: A Marriage of Sharp Tailoring and Statement Outerwear

By the fourth outfit, I was really starting to appreciate how the exercise made me dig deep into my closet and try on things I had been neglecting — like this Ulla Johnson coat. When I first got it, I didn’t know how I had existed before without it, but for some reason I’ve only worn it once this winter. As the above street style inspiration demonstrates, the best way to downplay items like statement coats that might otherwise seem too fashion-y is with sharp tailored pieces. That’s where my Peter Do trousers come into play — they are one of my best acquisitions yet. I don’t have leopard boots so I went with the next best thing: Saint Laurent boots I’ve owned for over four years, and they’re still as good as ever.

Outfit #5: An Elevated Sweatpants Look

As a freelancer, I struggle with the temptation to opt for sweatpants. The last few months they’ve been all I want to wear, but I also don’t like to be out and about dressed too frumpily, because I don’t want to look lazy. I think the key to elevating sweatpants here are the monochrome colors, structured fitting sweats (mine are from Aimé Leon Dore and so good that I still wear them even though I got ink stains on them) and a sharp coat. My sweater is from INEXCLSV and gets mistaken for Old Céline more often than I would have ever imagined. Sharp accessories by way of a briefcase-like handbag also help alongside a boot with a small heel to add to the wonderful irony of it all. This is my ideal running-around-the-city outfit.

Street style photos by Kaye McCoy. Selfies by Juliana Salazar. 

Juliana Salazar

Juliana Salazar is a freelance stylist and brand strategist and contributing fashion editor for Man Repeller.

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