6 Trends That Aren’t Dead Yet, According to Copenhagen Street Style

Copenhagen Street Style February 2019 man repeller

“I Spy” has always been, and will forever remain, my favorite childhood car game. Nothing passes the time more effectively or opens your eyes to the wonders of the world around you more deliberately than turning observation into a competition. Though my siblings and I no longer spend hours cooped up together in a backseat on a regular basis, I’ve continued to play “I Spy” on a private — and slightly modified — basis whenever I click through a street style slideshow: “I Spy” seven prairie dresses. “I Spy” five pairs of colored tights. “I Spy” the umpteenth piece of evidence that seashell jewelry is here to stay. It’s my secret way of keeping track of trends, not to mention metabolizing how and when I might like to wear them myself.

Unsurprisingly, the street style that came out of Copenhagen Fashion Week is ripe for the I-spying. Below, I’ve delineated six major street style trends as told by the numbers. Feel free to sound off in the comments about any others you’ve spied accordingly.

1. Oversized Hair Accessories: Nine

Copenhagen is the capital of frosting your hair up the wazoo like an encrusted cookie, but if you thought the Danes and their fashionable visitors had over-indexed on doing just that, this season’s batch of street style is here to assure you otherwise. Not only did I spy a plethora of hair accessories on the heads of show-goers, but I also noticed most of them were of the maxi variety, ready and waiting to be spotted from a mile away.

2. Bucket Hats: Eight

The bucket hat trend lives on in Copenhagen! In fact, it downright prospers. What is it about this phenomenon that has such notable longevity? Given that bucket hats don’t provide much in the way of warmth or sun protection, does their appeal lie wholly in their capacity to punctuate an outfit with the kind of exclamation point that feels fresh again and again? I’m not sure, but I am sure I love looking at them — especially the wider-brimmed varieties I’ve been noticing lately — so I guess that’s an answer in and of itself.

3. Unique Scarf Maneuvers: Seven

Confession: I hate scarves. I know that sounds absurd — after all, they’re just a humble swath of insulating fabric — but their purpose is so utilitarian I’ve found they tend to ruin outfits with the handiness of a rogue ketchup bottle. Furthermore, I’m fairly certain the reason balaclavas have become so popular is because they solve for this potential issue, providing neck warmth without compromising an outfit’s integrity (and, in fact, often augmenting it), but that’s neither here nor there.

What’s both here and there is how Copenhagen street style turned me on to a variety of cool ways to wear a scarf that effectively counterbalance their inherently practical nature. For example, why not wear your scarf draped across your chest like an ambassador’s sash? And belt it! Or, if that’s not your jam, consider tying one under your chin like a chic granny and clamping it together with a barrette.

4. #StickofButter Outfits: Six

It is my personal opinion that the greatest winter style hack of all time is dressing like a stick of butter. Once I started implementing it last month, I couldn’t stop. I also couldn’t stop seeing other examples in the wild, coincidental or not, and Copenhagen street style was no exception. The above slideshow is so chock-full of butter it’s basically a croissant. Color me inspired (and hungry).

5. Dad Sneakers: Five

Ah, dad sneakers. A polarizing yet decidedly sticky trend if I ever saw one. Whether you love them and own multiple pairs or don’t understand them and can’t fathom why anyone else would, their staying power is propelled by the undeniable reality that nothing (and I mean nothing) is more comfortable. That they are a frequent street style trend is therefore completely sensible, considering the to-and-fro nature of commuting between shows. They also possess the unique ability to instantly deflate an outfit’s perceived levels of try-hard-ness, a trick that isn’t always easy to come by.

6. Belts With Big Buckles: Four

It has already been established that belts are having a moment, but Copenhagen street style hints that a specific kind of belt might be having the moment. Wide-buckle belts, that is. Potentially an offshoot of the western trend, potentially just a fun way to make a statement with your belly button. Mine is already vying to participate. HBU?

Photos by Matthew Sperzel.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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