7 Size-Inclusive Outfits to Usher in Springtime

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My journey toward body acceptance and figuring out my style is a long and winding one, and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t still trying to figure things out. But spring is finally upon us, bless us all, and it’s making me want to crawl out of my sweatshirt-and-black-jeans coma to try out new colors and silhouettes. Instagram remains an important source of inspiration in this regard — it’s the only space I can consistently find unique style perspectives on a range of bodies I can relate to. And as clothing companies begin to (slooooowly but surely) acknowledge the severe lack of size diversity in the industry by producing plus-size lines, the number of stylish women on social media will only continue to grow and flourish.

Below are seven lovely ladies and even better outfits that are inspiring me to get dressed right now.

Sneaker Minimalism


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A post shared by Abisola Omole (@abimarvel) on

Abisola consistently masters the laid-back scandinavian style + 90s cool kid vibe, often combining chunky sneakers with minimal, comfortable separates. Because of her I’m eyeing long, simple cashmere dresses and sweaters to pair with small round glasses as the weather continues to warm up.

A Statement Blazer


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A post shared by adriana convers (@fatpandora) on

I’m definitely down for a color palette inspired by the Rugrats, but more importantly, I am always down for an oversized blazer paired with a statement turtleneck! I have been considering this Rachel Comey oversized black dream blazer by way of 11Honore, but now I’m wondering if I should go for something more colorful like this pink or yellow blazer from Eloquii? Please advise.

A Patterned Mini Skirt


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A post shared by 𝙳𝚘𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚒𝚚𝚞𝚎 𝙺. 🇫🇷🇨🇲 (@pomelokiwie) on

I have been only recently warming to the idea of wearing a mini skirt;  it’s something that I’ve been intimidated by for a long time — but products like Megababe Thigh Rescue have made the idea less abstract to me. As does this outfit.  It’s so fun, I love the checkerboard print paired with hot pink — it’s very Saved by the Bell x Doug.



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This photo feels like more of a lifestyle than an outfit, but I love it all! Remember when Leandra experimented with bathleisure last year? Imagine pairing this one-piece swimsuit with a chic pair of cashmere pants and a tight sweater over top? Voila! A beautiful outfit ready for a Palm Springs antique excursion and Slim Aarons backyard party.

Garden Party


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A post shared by Read Between the Hemlines (@ansleymorgan) on

Have you ever daydreamed about dressing like a wisteria flower? Just me? Ansley never fails to impress with her outfit + photo backdrop pairings. In the above, she is dressed like a literal flower in a Rachel Antonoff top (which goes up to a size XXL, but is unfortunately sold out). Her dreamy lilac pants are from Anthropologie’s straight size section, but note that Anthropologie did just launch a plus-size line. Is the 16-year-old version of yourself just as thrilled as I am about that? Yay for options!

Animal Print


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A post shared by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson (@gabriellak_j) on

There hasn’t been a single outfit that Gabriella has worn that has not somehow inspired me. This outfit has made me realize that I need a 1970s pair of yellow tinted sunglasses and a long black leather trench to get me through life from now until early May. I have been on the hunt for something zebra or tiger print that I can layer over a white shirt as well. Still looking for the best options and taking all suggestions!

Tiny Neon Moment


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I love a good pop of neon in an otherwise minimal outfit. Do I need a cream-colored trench? I think I do. As far as I’m concerned, turtlenecks are still going strong, so don’t stop just because it’s April. And if you’re looking to spice things up with more than a simple color, check out For Good Luck for when it hopefully restocks its tie-dye turtlenecks!

What are some size-inclusive line that you’re excited about right now? Let me know in the comments below!

Feature photo provided by Abisola Omole

Emily Zirimis

Emily Zirimis is the Visual Manager at Man Repeller

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