7 Spring Zaddy Outfits I’m Stealing From Instagram Immediately

crystal anderson jamal studios pink quilted suit

Thank Black Jesus, spring is finally here! Anyone else tend to get religious about the changing of the seasons? It’s been freezing for freaking ever in New York, and I’ve been walking around in not one but two coats every day for way too long. While they were cute (and I was cold), feeling like Alexander and his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day can make it hard to pull look-looks, ya know? But now that the temps are rising, all that’s about the change, and I took to Instagram for some spring (-ish, in that they don’t require full-on winter coats) outfit inspo. Wanna see what what I’m eyeing? Please, peruse below.

#1: The “no I’m not a fuccboi but peep at my abs” look


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Ok ok ok ok ok ok. I seen this look and literally exclaimed “holy fuck!” out loud to no one but myself. I don’t know if it was the Diana Ross reference or the abs or the pants or the gold herringbone belly chain or the wig laid to the gods that did it for me, but I sure want it all. Oh, maybe it was the Balenciaga waistband boldly making its presence known. GOD, Teyana is such a m-f zaddy I can barely take it. But I will take this outfit. I’m sagging my pants (with attached suspenders!!!) and exposing my drawers from Aries szn on.

#2.The “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” look


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And here’s another femme zaddy of my dreams: Venus X. I have been quietly obsessed with Venus since I first heard about GHE20 G0TH1K (“ghetto gothic”) parties like 10 years ago, but I guess it’s this look right here that’s gonna out me via public proclamation of my love. Funny how things work, isn’t it? Like this sweatsuit (my Taurus moon’s dream ‘fit) — is it clouds or is it tie-dye? Not that I care, cuz Venus is giving me “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” vibes in whatever it is and, honestly, that’s enough work for me.

#3. The plaid zaddy look


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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Dusty is pulling the best looks on the internet right now. Fight me. A couple weeks ago Crystal was all about the suits that looked like they were made for children, and I thought I was about them too — until I saw my fave model slash influencer slash platform enthusiast in this suit that does not look like it was made for children as much as it has the potential to make the wearer look like a child in it. Am sold. Also sold on tight-ass hoods and these Storm-lookin contacts.

#4. The “no I’m not a fuccboi but feel this material” look


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I’d like to jump back to Crystal, work bae extraordinaire, for a minute. She posted this outfit to her feed the other day, inspiring an all-caps comment from me: “THIS ONE RIGHT HERE IS EVERYTHING I NEED I WANT.” And here we are, folks. Crystal can describe the look better than any of us: “They always say dress for the maxi pad you want not the maxi pad you have.” Of course, she follows that hilarious sentiment up with a serious one about how fantastic the brand, JAMAL, is. Which led me to…

#5. The track-pant zaddy look


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This look while perusing the brand’s Instagram. The only thing I love more than a track pant is a track pant in my signature nail color. Or at least, a track pant in what would be my signature nail color if I still had time to get my nails done. I love how crisp and bright this look is and cannot wait to go full on Chicago “Saturday in the Park” about it.

#6. The bodega boys look


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And ju know I couldn’t leave here without pointing to some inspo from one of my fave brands: NORBLACK NORWHITE. I browse their Insta on a regular basis, filling imaginary shopping carts in my head with basically everything I see. I already rock the free-form dress version of this terracotta ring-print all year round (it’s perfect with a turtleneck under it in the winter), but I realize now that I gotta get my hands on the crewneck. And the oversize button-down — a very zaddy look to continue my theme. And the shimma pants. And baseball shorts. Annnnd parka. If I could wear NORBLACK NORWHITE all spring, nay ALL THE DAMN TIME, I would.

#7. The bb zaddy look


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Bbymutha and butterflies, need I say more? This outfit is full of things I like AND is kira kira’d. Life is a killer. I’m ded after this roundup.

Feature photo via Crystal Anderson.

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