8 Trends to Buy Into Now Before They’re Everywhere

The editorial team at Man Repeller has been engaging in numerous discussions lately about whether trends actually exist anymore. Personally, I think that even though they don’t exist in the same capacity they did 70 years ago when every woman essentially wore the same dress silhouette, there are still distinctive style “movements” that permeate our popular consciousness, whether it’s a micro-trend like bucket hats or a broader aesthetic commotion like milkmaid-core.

There is also still an oceanic push and pull to the fashion industry in general, a rushing tide of collective participation that makes certain stylistic choices appear more ubiquitous over a period of time and others less so in comparison. From an observational standpoint, I’ve always been interested in how each season of New York Fashion Week dictates these tides, ushering in a new group of trends-in-the-making  — not to displace the old ones, necessarily, because the fact remains that people can and should always wear what they want to wear regardless of the zeitgeist, but nudging them to the forefront in a definitive way.

To that end, I’ve noted down seven significant emerging trends from New York Fashion Week, as well as the specific trends from last season that are likely to takeover our Instagram feeds. Consider the below rundown a crystal ball of sorts for predicting what you should buy into to stay ahead of the curve, if you’re into that kind of thing.

1. Before you buy another milkmaid dress, consider a sheer dress.

Pyer Moss

I’m far from being done with wearing milkmaid-inspired attire, but I’m also sniffing out what the next dress phenomenon will be and based on the past week’s shows it seems sheer is IT. I spotted sheer dresses at Collina Strada, Area, Bevza, Beaufille, Sandy Liang, Pyer Moss and Maryam Nassir Zadeh. While many of them were styled with not much underneath, this trend is ours for the personalizing; I like the idea of wearing one over a tank top and bike shorts (another trend that definitely isn’t fading anytime soon based on the Spring/Summer 2019 collections).

2. Before you buy another pair of slides, consider flip-flops.


Flip-flops have threatened to trend for a few seasons now (see: Louis Vuitton and Dior’s Resort 2016 collections) and are always met with a gurgle of controversy as they fall squarely into the ugly shoe bucket alongside Birkenstocks, clogs, Crocs and the like. But guess what zebra butt? Birkenstocks, clogs and Crocs have all fought their way into high fashion’s inner sanctum, so why not flip-flops? Based on the thong parade at Tibi, Dion Lee, Priscavera and Bevza, it’s looking like it’s finally their turn (or at least, they’re in the running alongside Tevas which showed up at Tome, Collina Strada, Sandy Liang, Nanushka, Area and Anna Sui).

3. Before you buy another pair of cargos, consider khakis.

Tory Burch

Cargos had a nice run as rulers of the dorky pants kingdom, but khakis are gunning for the spot per Sies Marjan, Sally LaPointe and Tory Burch. Personally I’m thrilled and plan to hop on this trend long before spring rolls around. I’m already having visions of the perfect fall outfit replete with a pair of khakis, penny loafers, a striped shirt and this precise sweater from Kule. If you’re reading this and wondering whether you can combine trends past and present and find yourself a pair of CARGO KHAKIS, the answer is yes by all means and please order some for me as well.

4. Before you buy another fanny pack, consider an enormous slouchy shoulder bag.

Proenza Schouler

The powers that be have decided your fanny needs a break and it’s time to move on to enormous slouchy shoulder bags — if you’re interested, that is. Proenza Schouler, Derek Lam and Tome are serving up vessels far more commodious, which is great news if you’ve been trying to stuff all your belongings into a vessel the size of your palm every day.

5. Before you buy another white cotton blouse, consider a crochet tank.

Eckhaus Latta

Leandra recently asked me what comes after the white cotton blouse (trend-wise), and I told her I wasn’t sure because I still loved wearing them but I’ve also been entertaining a craving for knit tanks of late. I’m not saying I manifested this season’s preponderance of crochet tanks, but I’m also not not saying it, if you know what I mean. Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Eckhaus Latta, Oscar de la Renta and Ulla Johnson satisfied my craving in spades, showing a myriad of sleeveless knits I can’t wait to approximate in my shopping cart this month.

6. Before you buy another windbreaker, consider a fleece.

Sandy Liang

I’ll admit this one hit me particularly hard. I thought I wanted an 80s-style windbreaker to be my light fall outerwear of choice but after seeing the plush fleeces at Mansur Gavriel, Coach and Sandy Liang, that idea went completely out the window in favor of dressing myself like a cozy fuzzball. I’ve been madly investigating what fleeces are available currently on the internet ever since and I’m very seriously considering this retro men’s one from Patagonia.

7. Before you buy another skinny PVC belt, consider a wide belt with an oversized buckle.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh

Holy tufted titmice! Wide belts are bag! I thought about buying a skinny PVC belt after I saw and loved so many last season, but now I’m refocusing my gaze on their more substantial cousins. I haven’t worn a wide belt since 2013 and had a questionable personal blog, so this is really a fun throwback with a twist, the twist being that instead of wearing the wide belts at waist-level, Tibi and Maryam Nassir Zadeh suggest slinging them low around your hips. Oh, and apparently belt loops are optional.

8. Before you buy another pair of denim cut-offs, consider bike shorts.

LaQuan Smith

Man Repeller has covered the creeping preponderance of bike shorts a couple of times (see: here and here), but this season of New York Fashion Week officially stamped them as a mega-trend that isn’t going anywhere thanks to appearances at Baja East, Rachel Antonoff, LaQuan Smith, Area and Maryam Nassir Zadeh. In addition to being far more comfortable than denim cut-offs, they also make the errand-to-gym transition impeccably seamless; more importantly, though, now is most certainly the right time to recreate Princess Diana’s iconic bike shorts off-duty look.

What trends are you buying into or holding onto post-fashion week?

Feature photo of Tibi by Brian Ach/Getty Images.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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