A Big, Joyous Middle Finger to Everything Annoying You This Summer

Amelia shares Summer So-Whats

Because it’s hot and sunny and soupy and delicious outside, which means it’s very much finally, officially summer, it’s time for another round of the most satisfying question that’s so rhetorical it doesn’t even require the question mark if you don’t want it: So what?

As in…

So what if you’re single this summer but have no intentions of finding a “a summer fling”?

So what if you’re a little bit sick of the group/party thing?

So what if you don’t have July or August plans?

That said, so what if you’re fully on the prowl (meow!), have an irreponsibly-packed cal and, though you’re past “the age” of “going out,” you can’t get enough of your 200 closest friends?

As the wise Reese’s commercial once sort of said, there’s no wrong way to enjoy a weekend.

So what if your various bits and bops jiggle when you walk?

So what if that area right above your knees gets all crumply while standing still?

So what if you have cellulite and though you’re all for body positivity, you have yet to think of your dimples as truly “beautiful”?

So what if your arms wobble and your shoulders are broad?

So what if your thighs pooooool when you sit down?

So what if you have stretch marks and scars that make themselves known whether you’re naked or not?

*Deep breath*: Your bits and bobs need to jiggle SO THAT you can walk; crumpled knee skin is basically origami; if you think about it, cellulite dimples aren’t that different from freckles, they just desperately need a better name; your arms are dancing, not wobbling — they’re happy to hang out with you!; your thighs pool because they need a minute to relax, too; your shoulders are extroverts — let them work the room for you; those stretch marks and scars are signs of skin that’s alive.

But also, so what?

So what if you just graduated and don’t know what’s next?

So what if you graduated 10 years ago and still have no idea?

So what if you want to take the summer to chill the hell out rather than think about it?

(Brain break!)

So what if you are the one person in the whole wide world who doesn’t like *insert summer-specific drink that makes others gasp when you say you do not like it*?

So what if your favorite drink of choice is entirely dependent on the mass trend of the moment and considered (by way of every meme account and those “starter packs”) to be “basic”?

So what if you hate the beach?

So what if you love the beach so much your Instagram bio says something about how you’d rather be there?

So what if you’re not over pool floats?

So what if you’re not over last year’s clothes?

So what if trendy glasses don’t appeal to you?

So what if they do?!

The point, I think you see by now, is that the summer in particular opens its arms up for you to choose your own adventure; the world, your oyster to squeeze lemon all over, add horseradish and slurp up.

But, of, course, if you’re allergic to oysters — or you just plain don’t like the taste, say it with me now: so what?

Photos by Madeline Montoya.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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