Help Us Compile a List of the Most Addicting Podcasts

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I’ve become that (potentially annoying) person who can’t stop referencing “something I heard on a podcast.” And that’s mostly thanks to one in particular: a weekly dispatch by the name of Armchair Expert, hosted by Dax Shepherd of Parenthood and “America’s sweetheart couple” fame. Its format is that of a relatively standard celebrity interview, but with a unique spin. That’s thanks to Dax’s very personal interview style (he often leads with a self-deprecating story from his own life before asking guests a particularly vulnerable question) and his somewhat weird but frequently endearing rapport with co-host Monica Padman.

I must confess: I’m addicted. I await each new episode with eager curiosity and whatever the intellectual equivalent of mouth foam is, knowing from listening experience that I will discover something new and juicy about them during the resulting interview. They often run over two hours long, but I could almost always keep listening—to the extent that I’ve become precious about each episode, attempting to “save” them for particularly long walks or subway rides. I often cave early. I can’t help it!

But I can try to assuage the issue at hand, which is relying on a single addicting podcast to meet my entertainment quota when I know there are other gems out there, waiting to be discovered. In addition to Armchair Expert, I’ve also blown through Serial (duh), Dirty JohnWhere Should We Begin?S-TownHow I Built This, and Dear Sugars (RIP). But I clearly need more, so: What about you? What are your favorite addicting podcasts?

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Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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