A Fashion Industry Veteran Who Wears Jumpsuits as Pants

After nearly a decade of working in the fashion industry, Adele Tetangco joined forces with tech start-up veteran Sunil Gowda to launch Garmentory, a Vancouver-based online retailer that helps emerging contemporary brands thrive online. In addition to giving small businesses a global platform, Garmentory is also super consumer-friendly in that it essentially allows you to “name your price,” sort of like a virtual marketplace. Cool, no? Tetangco has more than just entrepreneurial vision, though — she also has great style. Scroll down to read about her philosophy behind getting dressed and peep a week’s worth of outfits.

What do you think about when you get dressed in the morning? Do you start from the shoes and then work your way up, or clothes and then down?

I think about how many meetings I’m going to have in the day. Shoes are always the last thing I put on!

What’s one garment that never lets you down?

A crisp white blouse.

What item of clothing makes you feel most like yourself?

An oversize jacket. It makes any outfit look complete.

At what point in your life did you really start to come into your own in terms of personal style?

My early thirties.

How does working in fashion influence your daily style?

I’m constantly looking at different collections, and often find inspiration in the way my favorite stores style certain pieces.

Best song to get dressed to?

My go-to is “Cold War” by Cautious Clay.

Day 1

I always dress a little nicer when I’m headed into the office after a long stretch of working from home. It’s a nice change from my pajamas.

Day 2

This was a lazy day. I actually ended up wearing these sweatpants to sleep.

Day 3

The weather wasn’t as cold this morning, so I just wore a light jacket.

Day 4

My fave outfit. I’m still trying to figure out different ways to wear the shirt and pants (if not together).

Day 5

I like wearing jumpsuits as pants with blouses layered over them. It gives me plenty of room to eat whatever I want without having to suck in.

Day 6

I was shopping at One of a Few and ended up buying these pants.

Day 7

I love the shape of these Rachel Comey jeans; the fit is awesome.

Photos by Ryan Savella.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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