I Can’t Stop Thinking About Alexa Chung’s Winter Footwear

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We get, like, five days a year to wear a sweater with sandals, or a suit with sandals, and it is up to us not to fuck it up. I’ve previously allocated three days a year to this responsibility, but the way this winter is going — erratic and irrational, like the week before menses — snowing one day but 61 degrees the next, I’ve nearly doubled the allocation and now we’re at five. It’s a gift, really, to wear your idiosyncrasies on your ankles and sleeves.

Pairing your chunkiest knit with your daintiest shoe offers the illusion that you can have your cake and eat it too. Which is, in my view, the greatest modern pleasure of all, because it lets you reap the benefits of wearing a good knit without having to worry about the doldrums of winter shoes. And let me tell you, winter shoes truly are a doldrum. Never is this as obvious as during fashion week, when collections for the fall and winter seasons are predicting what we will want to wear and tempting, nay, teasing us with sandals and flip flops even though such choices make exactly no sense in practice.

Except, of course, on those five fateful days. Alexa Chung gets it, as evidenced by her turning up at the Erdem show last week in London wearing a suit with a knit and some sandals, which are not at all dainty (on the contrary, they are chunkier than Italian cheese), but which have encouraged me to think outside of my module. She makes a strong case for exposed toemanship as it pertains to a fine linen suit (that’s linen, right?) and the comfort that naturally arises from a pair of shoes you could wear through a foot injury. Chanel and all!

According to Instagram, the suit is from H&M, but here below I have gathered a few additional options should you care to recreate the look from another vendor.

We may have used up all our free-balling toe days, that remains to be seen, but if you have a pair of those shearling-lined Birkenstocks, you can try those too.

And I don’t know if you read my express-lane monograph on these compression socks from Amazon, but the gist is that they are $19.99 and very warm, so no sweat if it’s cold. Get it? Sweat? Gtg, bye.

Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images.

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