Everything You Want to Know About Amelia Diamond’s Hair

Amelia, the deputy editor and senior writer at Man Repeller, has the kind of hair that has its own fan club. People have actually stopped me in the streets to try to get her secrets. That’s the kind of impression her mane leaves. And I’m not using the word “mane” out of some journalistic endeavor to not re-use the word “hair.” She really does have a mane, in the truest sense of the word. It hangs off her head in a thick, shiny, billowing sheets. It looks almost magical. So, as a public service, I corralled her into answering a bunch of questions about it. It was finally time to give the people what they want. Below, everything you ever wanted to know about Amelia Diamond’s very special hair. — Haley Nahman

How often do you wash your hair and when?

Three times a week, usually in the mornings but sometimes on Sunday nights. I dread washing my hair because it’s heavy and I don’t think I’m very good at getting all the shampoo out. Plus, it means brushing out the tangles — which takes forever and makes my arms tired (and then I have to vacuum after).

I work out four mornings a week, five when I’m really going for it, so I have to be strategic. It gets more complicated when I’m in a hot-yoga phase, which I do at night. I also HATE TO BE UNCLEAN.

What’s your hair approach in the shower? 

I tie it up into a high bun if it’s a no-wash day. If it’s a wash day, I brace myself, turn on a podcast and get to work. I shampoo first and usually wash, rinse, repeat. Then I wring it out like a washcloth and put globs of conditioner on the hair that falls below my ears.

What products do you use?

I’m completely disloyal to hair products because I feel like they stop working really fast. This month it’s been Head & Shoulders, the minty one that makes your scalp feel like it took a swig of mouthwash. Last month it was R&Co shampoo specifically for colored hair. Sometimes I listen to my colorist and use New Wash.

The only two products I currently swear by are Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Mask (once or twice a week, depending on how thirsty my hair is — it smells AMAZING) and Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt. It gets all of the buildup out. I love it so much. I also use R+Co’s Pinstripe detanging spray, John Masters Organics leave-in conditioner, John Masters Organics “Shine On” cuticle smoother, R+Co’s “Sail” wave spray and John Masters Organics lavender salt spray. I think I use too much product at once but I don’t really listen to suggested portion sizes, either.

What’s your daily routine?

I let my hair air dry, then twist it into a bun when it’s still a little “damp.” Fuck that word, by the way, because it’s ambiguous. I do the same thing when my hair is dry-dry, too — I can’t sleep with it down. Then I wake up and pray it looks good. Sometimes I brush it, sometimes it looks cooler un-brushed.

Do you do something different for special occasions?

I get it blown out. I tell them that I want to look like a Pantene Pro-V model who lives in Texas and is related to Connie Britton. I do not like cool fashion hair. I like smooth, wave-y, late ‘80s glam hair with volume at the crown for events.

I almost always use GlamSquad, although I just tried Glam&Go and liked it. I got it done on Friday for a wedding on Saturday, then I worked out Sunday morning and it lasted.

How often do you get it cut?

Three times a year, maybe? I go to Paul Fox Salon for cuts. Paul cuts my hair and he’s amazing. He’s fast and will be real with you while also fixing what’s been “off,” even if it’s subtle. I’ve also seen Cheryl, who I love and once had to deal with me while some RELATIONSHIP DRAMA was going down. She just made me laugh the whole time, which I really appreciated. They’re all great there. They also have snacks.

Tell me about a standout hair-related memory.

I had a really itchy head last year and saw two derms about it because I was convinced it was lice (I am paranoid because my hair is so long and one time I volunteered with kids who kept hugging me, then got NITS and I can’t even talk about it but oh my god was that miserable). Anyway, turns out it wasn’t lice, it was just stress!!!!!!!! That was cool.

Do you dye, highlight, treat it?

I dye it to “the color my hair naturally turns,” which is probably BS. I am very gray on the left side of my head — like Stacy London, but less chic. I also get it balayaged once or twice a year. Roxie Darling is my hair-dye guru and has been since 2012. She’s amazing and does color therapy and makes rose-quartz necklaces and if I could hang out with her all the time I would. She works out of Suite Caroline.

Have you gone through a bunch of hair phases or have you had the same hair your whole life?

I’m not sure if you saw this story, but I kept my hair short for many unfortunate years. Before I did that to myself, when I still had long hair, my mom took me to Supercuts and they gave me sideburns. To make that look even nicer, I cut a piece from the crown of my hair, which gave me an Alfalfa-like antenna. This was all great for character development.

I also went through a phase where I thought I was sooo punk rock, but my school wouldn’t let us have dyed hair. I could do whatever I wanted in the summer though, so between 8th and 9th grade I had a hot pink “ombre” that required tubs of grape-scented Manic Panic all summer long. I felt like my truest self that summer.

When do you hate your hair?

When it’s FLAT.

When do you love it?

Fresh after a dramatic blowout or when it’s salty and wind-blown. I am so jealous of anchor women and ocean-adjacent golden retrievers.

What’s one product you couldn’t live without?

Who first taught you how to do your hair?

My aunt is the one who taught me how to comb out a rat’s nest, which has proved helpful since I have one every single day. My mom has very different hair from me — it’s wild and curly and super dry. She did teach me how to French braid, though, which I’m really good at.

What does your hairdresser tell you to do that you ignore?

Stop using cheap shampoo with silicone in it, but it’s like sugar and my hair is addicted.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do with it, but still haven’t?

Dye it really red, like Christina Hendricks-red.

Photos by Edith Young.

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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