Celeb Look of the Week: The Briefest Glimpse of Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen

It takes a very rare cocktail of a celebrity to make major headlines with approximately 1/3rd of a dress in a paparazzi shot. In this case, Ashley Olsen is a Diamond Jubilee Johnny Walker on the rocks a.k.a. A VERY EXPENSIVE DRINK because she did exactly that with one paparazzi photo of her backside.

Olsen recently arrived to Jennifer Lawrence’s nuptials in Rhode Island wearing a giant Marc Jacobs FW19 black tulle ball gown spangled in sequins. In the photo that has been circulating, you can’t even see the straight neckline, fitted bodice, and enormous sleeves shown on the runway, but you can imagine that Ashley looks like a layered black forest cake. It is so unusual a sight that it is worthy of sounding an alarm. Tulle? Sequins? For she who weareth and sweareth by a severe code of minimalism?


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There are entire accounts dedicated to spying on the elusive Olsen twins: always sunglass-ed, always robed in dark layers of their co-owned designer brand The Row. Cigarettes are somehow everywhere, coffee cups are seemingly always welded to their hands. They very rarely show their faces at functions outside of the The Met Gala or CFDA award circuit. Otherwise, no dice. Catch them on a smoke break or NEVER, friend.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2019 dress

Just this Tuesday I visited The Row’s SS20 showroom where I looked at garments on hangers that were so cool in such a minimal way that it made my eyes spin like eggbeaters. When I dared to touch them, I was fully transported to clothing nirvana. The garments were made of thick, stocky fabrics sewn together with great attention to detail and shape.

Contextualizing this moment against Ashley’s big frou-frou Marc Jacobs moment, which I witnessed multiple times on Instagram the next day–pinching and zooming so I could get a sense of what the hell I was actually looking at–was so confusing… and exciting. It makes me happy to know that even the most minimal of minimalists needs to bust out some giant balloon sleeves and sequin-embellished tulle on occasion, even if it’s still in the tune of a muted black.

Thoughts on the elusive designer’s big Marc Jacobs moment? Disappointed she didn’t stay true to her #brand? Meet me in the comments, coffee in hand.

Photos via Getty and Vogue Runway.

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