“Diet Avocados” Might Be a Thing Now

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If there’s one thing I’ve always said, it’s that avocados need to be less fat. Rather than pen letters to my local congresspeople about laws I disagree with or write angry comments on my favorite celebrities’ ex-boyfriends’ Instagrams, I prefer to spend my free time filing complaint after complaint to scientists about avocados. It’s so nice to see that someone finally listened.

GrubStreet reports: “A fruit company over in Spain has invented an actual diet avocado — all the Instagrammability, only 30 percent of the fat.”

About time. Ice cream figured this out like a week ago?

Here’s what we (thanks to GrubStreet writer Clint Rainey) know about it:

+ It is made by Eurobanan’s Isla Bonita brand.
+ Its flavor is described as “mild,” its pulp “juicier.”
+ It ripens fast while oxidizing more slowly than that of the standard avocado. Per GrubStreet, food experts who tagged the news, “Advancements in Fruits,” this means it could “theoretically outlast a full-fat conventional avocado.”
+ Spanish heart-health advocates tested the fruit’s nutritional claims, and they’ve affixed a seal certifying that it does legitimately have almost one-third less fat.
+ It grows nearly year-round
+ Its official launch is later this month at a trade show in Madrid.
+ Eurobanan “only plans on selling it to Spaniards for the time being.”

I’ll gladly wait. We haven’t had a diet food this great since the 80s, and I never trusted that whole “good fats” movement anyway. Reminds me of the time a girl in my first grade class told me that dandruff was “the good kind” of lice.

Maybe this means big things for other foods that taste better on toast: salmon, peanut butter, almond butter, cashew nut butter, hazelnut butter, sunflower, butter, apple butter, actual butter — all kinds of butter, really, eggs, greek yogurt, olive oil, coconut (coconut really needs to get a grip), cheese.

Here’s hoping. I am just so sick of using Facetune on my avocado toast to make it look skinnier.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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