What Do My Shopping Fantasies Say About Me?

I frequently wonder what my shopping inclinations say about me: Am I stressed? Happy? Feeling reckless with money? Do I seem to be inserting more danger into my life and moniker than usual? Am I trying to get my shit together? Have I thrown it all in the air and said “so what” in the name of giving myself a break?

What I don’t do as often is wonder what my shopping inclinations say to others, but, the other day, when I shared the contents of my cart to the MR visuals team — all raw links, unedited and devoid of curation — I was presented with the rare opportunity to be psychoanalyzed, kind of by mistake.

See, when we publish these “In My Carts” on Man Repeller, they arrive to the internet as neat little packages with stories that swing around the imagery just as much as the items in question. But way before the story’s published, the members of the visuals team — in this case, visuals intern Louisiana Mei Gelpi — get a firsthand look at my wish list and turn a bunch of my whims into fantasy. In doing so, without even meaning to, their imagery becomes the visual manifestation of what they think my selections say about me.

(Has it come around full circle yet?)

So what the hell does Louisiana Mei Gelpi think my shopping picks this week say?!

Slide one, featuring the Ganni sweater everyone already has but who cares, I need it, a pair of shaded Prada specs and a discounted Delpozo blouse: that I wouldn’t mind being a collegiate sailor in the 1950s in a Wes Anderson movie. She is right.

Slide two, featuring a yellow-and-white striped going out-side top, a sheer floral shirt (the flat lay photo doesn’t do it justice) and leopard Ganni kitten heels: that despite my slightly 1950s aesthetic, I’m still toeing the line between millennial pink and Gen-Z yellow with the kind of fluidity X, Y and Z generations appreciate.

Slide three, featuring a very short blue dress offset by its high-neck collar, a chocolate brown one-piece, gold earrings and flamingo stationary: that I want to be on vacation on a sandy beach regardless of the decade, never mind the fact that it’s back-to-school clothes season.

I could be wrong entirely. But isn’t it it fun and reverse-voyeuristic to think about your own shopping habits in this way? It’s almost like back-stalking yourself on Facebook or Instagram to see how you come off to a harmless lurking stranger.

Very off topic but is anyone else hungry?

Collages by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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