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I’m obsessed with cool bathrooms. Obsessed! It doesn’t take more than a quick scroll through the bookmarks folder on my Instagram to figure this out. Give me an interesting toilet and I will give you a solemn vow to flush untold hours down the drain while thinking about it. I’m not sure what it is about this unassuming household space that stokes my creative ardor so specifically, but I think it has something to do with the fact that bathrooms are, by nature, explicitly utilitarian, which makes it all the more impressive when that utility is approached in a visually compelling way. Scroll down for some recent bathroom faves I’ve saved and you’ll see what I mean.

The One That’s a Parisian Fantasy


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This bathroom is exactly what I imagine my bathroom might look like if I had a quarter-life crisis, quit my job, broke up with my boyfriend, got bangs, and moved into an apartment in Paris that was spacious but in sore need of renovating. In this alternate universe, despite the broken floorboard and leaky ceiling and possible asbestos problem, I fall in love with the apartment because Oh my goodness, the BATHROOM! The bathroom. It’s utterly charming, with a claw-foot tub and a huge gold mirror and swatches of paint on the wall as if the former owners were too busy making love and eating baguettes to choose one. You know?

The One Reinvigorating My Appreciation for Millennial Pink


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Millennial pink is alive and well inside creative director Clara Cornet’s bathroom, which is critical evidence that the color is still chicken soup for the soul when it comes to pure visual satisfaction, despite its over-saturated status. I’ve had this photo bookmarked for months and will admit I’ve occasionally entertained some internal bargaining over what I would offer in exchange for transplanting it into my own apartment. My entire living room has been optioned, not once but twice.

The One That Turns a Toilet Into ART


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I dislike the idea of a bathroom with black ceilings and floors in theory, but when the fixtures within all resemble a bowl of Jordan almonds, who am I to resist? And furthermore, who am I to complain about the human scourge that is needing to urinate multiple times daily if that activity was rendered upon a pastel throne? I am no one!! (Except, as might be obvious, a very big fan of this bathroom).

The One With a Garden View (and So Much More)


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I loveeeee a whimsical tile. So much that I like to imagine myself as an old lady someday whose Secret Single Behavior involves conversing aloud with the various characters, whether animal or mineral or vegetable, that decorate her bathroom walls. We’ll all keep up our hygiene together like a merry crew of conspirators. Bonus points if I also manage to snag a bathroom with a garden view.

The Other One That’s *Also* a Parisian Fantasy


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Well would you look at that? I’m back inside my Parisian apartment fantasy, except this time I’ve brought a pal with me (Jeff Goldblum? IDK just spitballing), and because we’re so obsessed with nurturing the buds of our new fling and can’t stand the idea of spending a single millisecond apart, Jeff—dearest Jeff, as brilliant as he is strange—suggested that we secure not one but two bathtubs for the purpose of shampooing side by side.

Are you as obsessed with bathrooms as I am? Have you bookmarked any juicy ones lately? Do tell.

Photo by Francois Halard. 

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