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Are You Still Wearing Makeup? How’s Your Hair? And More Quarantine Beauty *Questions*

Up until about seven weeks ago, my beauty routine had remained unchanged for years. Every morning, I applied my skincare products, followed by CC cream, two eyebrow products, eyeliner, mascara, and—finally—a touch of blush, like a robot undergoing its daily reboot. Every two days, I washed and blow-dried my hair. But now, if you asked me to share my beauty routine—which is exactly what I’m requesting of you today—my answer would be quite a bit shorter.

Last week, I asked MR’s Thoughtline: How’s your hair? The responses ranged from “never looked better” to “currently cosplaying as a mushroom” to “I’m trying my best to make my hairdresser proud but I don’t think it’s working.” I asked because I’ve been thinking about my own hair a lot. Unlike friends with cuts that require maintenance, my basic-as-a-two-ingredient-recipe long bob and I have been doing surprisingly well together in quarantine. In fact, if my hair were sentient—enough to have thoughts but not enough to be drowning in deep-seated dread—I’m positive it would be thrilled by my new beauty routine: being washed every four(ish) days, and never, under any circumstance, any kind of heat styling. This is the break it’s been waiting for—a clear day after a decade of destructively bad weather.

On the other hand, my new makeup and skincare routine is much more haphazard. For the first four weeks of quarantine I wore no makeup and limited my skincare to a single almost-empty moisturizer. I’d somehow run out of everything I normally use at the exact same time and placing any online orders felt like an action that could only be completed by someone who was at least two levels ahead of me in whatever alternate-reality video game I felt like I’d fallen into. I’d even stopped wearing SPF on my essential trips outside, which is something I already can’t believe really happened? (I’m an SPF50 every day, even in winter, even inside, kinda girl.)

I’ve slowly started wearing makeup again. But not every day, and not to the extent that I used to. I’m currently using Glossier’s mascara, which is decidedly more chill than the extremely dramatic Nars Climax mascara I normally wear, and my skin is almost always bare. I can’t imagine getting back to a full face any time soon (if ever?) but have loved noticing friends, and strangers on Instagram, go in the completely opposite direction, trying contouring for the first time or following intricate YouTube tutorials for eye makeup they’d never normally wear. I’ve seen smokey eye makeup tutorials over Instagram Stories, DIY manicures, and at-home facials that reminded me that my friends’ talents are endless. Noticing how other people’s beauty routines are shaping us is slowly becoming one of my favorite past-times, which I happily indulge between playing Animal Crossing (hmu if you have bananas) and refreshing the NYT Cooking app.

So, in the name of curiosity: How has your beauty routine changed in the last two months? And how do you feel about those changes?

Gyan Yankovich

Gyan Yankovich is the Managing Editor at Man Repeller.

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