What Are The Best Transition-to-Fall Beauty Products?

Every October, I’m confronted by a stark facial contrast wherein the sun-kissed glow of summer skin abandons my face, evaporating with the heat as if a cup of tea left out too long and suddenly, the unique shade of purple that infiltrates the area under my eyes grows more pronounced. My lips either begin to chap or blend in with my skin tone and I develop a mustache composed entirely of peeling skin. I am puffy but not cuddly. I look tired when I’m not. And no matter how much water I have consumed, the liters, as it appears, are just not enough.

In the past, I’ve simply powered through this period, waiting for my skin (or is it my perception of my skin?) to adjust to the change — and it always does: By December, I have either gotten used to how I look when it’s not summer or the temperamental changes inferred by the turn of a season just even themselves out. Recently, though, it’s occurred to me that I have the power to change what this transition is like. That by applying a few beauty products to my face, I can not only better control the adjustment period but eliminate it altogether.

That I am approaching 30 and just now becoming conscious of the phenomenon of makeup is curious, but I invite you to overlook that. Here are the products.

The first: Bobbi Brown’s Under Eye Corrector

I don’t think it’s supposed to replace an under-eye concealer, but that is how I use it. Using my middle finger, I dab the container and then apply what I’ve dabbed to the area under my eyes. Then I dab again to apply it to the area over my eyes (on my lids and just below my eyebrows). This makes the sum of the area look a little brighter. The color I use is Porcelain Bisque; if you carry the gorgeous genetic heirloom that is a dark circle, I highly recommend it.

The second: Drunk Elephant’s D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops

Apparently, D-Bronzi serves as a solution for fine lines and wrinkles and stuff like that. Apparently, it’s a serum. Apparently, it’s for dry skin. I use it exclusively because it is tinted and by pumping a pea-sized drop into the palm of my hands and then blending it into my face (cheeks, nose, corners of forehead), I can successfully feign the illusion of a glow. It is crucial that this step occurs following corrector application. (As an important aside, I am an investor in this brand, which is just further proof that I rly like it.)

And finally: Dior’s Lip Maximizer

Does your lip color ever blend into your skin tone? This happens to me in the fall when I’m all dry and shit, and even though I have a fully functioning face and I can talk, I look, for whatever reason, like I don’t have lips. I bet people are like, “Woah! Wasn’t expecting that opening towards the bottom of your face but I guess I should have been because that is traditionally where lips go, but I was just so sure you didn’t have any,” and that is totally okay. I get it. I see it. By using Dior’s Lip Maximizer, I eradicate this misinformation. But the way I use it is calculated: because I prefer not to maintain a glossy shine (which the Maximizer generates), after I apply the product, I wait for my lips to start tingling (that means its working) and then I wipe it off so as to eliminate the gloss. This leaves the plumpness and color dutifully in place until a few hours later when the vicious cycle repeats itself and people are, once again, all like, “Woah! Wasn’t expecting that…etc…”

Anyway, that’s the extent of it. But my perspective is so narrow! I’m just one person! With one skin tone! What do you do use to make the seasonal transition smoother?

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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