Finally: the Perfect Bra to Wear Under White Shirts

I hate Kim-Kardashian-Band-Aid-dress-colored bras so much. They are like orthopedic shoes for your boobs except without the guaranteed arch support. They put “taking off your shirt” in the top percentage of Most Boring Activities Ever. I once tried to seduce myself while wearing a beige bra and fell asleep. The problem is that, somewhere along my transition into ‘tweenhood, someone injected my brain with the idea that to wear a white shirt (which I wear a lot of) without your bra showing through, was the only proper option. Not even a white bra would do.

Anyway, my life more or less sucked until four years ago when a rose pink Fleur du Mal convertible balconette bra came into it. It worked under every white shirt. It gave me a great SHAPE. The straps came off, criss-crossed and haltered, which meant in addition to my everyday ride-or-die, it became my official bra of going-out tops. It was what I think a bra should be: supportive, comfortable and so, so pretty.

After four years of my refusing to follow washing instructions for delicates and over-wearing it, I have finally decided to replace it with its slightly cheekier cousin. It’s almost identical but the removable straps are black — still perfect for a white shirt but with a little bit of rebellion; also great for black underpants matching.

Beyond bras, the brand has the most beautiful things including ready-to-wear (waiting on this star skirt to go on sale) and swim. Its designer Jennifer Zuccarini founded Kiki de Montparnasse, so she knows what’s up with the silky stuff, and in comparison to Kiki, Fleur du Mal gives my credit card less of a butt kicking.

My one complaint! Is that this perfect bra does not come in a wide array of sizes. Now I have a question for you (so that I can do another one of these): if your boobs are over a 36C, what pretty under-a-white-shirt bra do you love? I’ve got a lot of friends on the anti-Band-Aid-colored-bra campaign asking.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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