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This post was originally published on December 4, 2015.

When it comes to little indulgences, few things feel as decadent as buying yourself a cookie for absolutely no reason. Cookies are the kid equivalent of a scented candle — Angelica Pickles 100% had this figured out. Since MR is all about treating yo’self this month, (you know we’re giving shit away all month, right?), we used our highly advanced palettes to source the best cookies in Manhattan, for your stomach’s pleasure. Ready? Okay.

For That Classic Chocolate Chip

Smile to Go22 Howard St, Manhattan

Try: Chocolate Chip Sea Salt

Why: The huge chunks of sea salt are kind of intimidating at first, but go forth in confidence — they create the perfect kind of sweet and salty mix that’s usually reserved for chocolate covered pretzels.

Krista’s Pro Tip: Go between standard meal hours to miss the SoHo office crowd rush.

Station166 N 7th St, Brooklyn

Try: Exercising patience.

Why: They give out free warm chocolate chip cookies while you wait for your table. Elizabeth says they’re not too big so they won’t ruin your appetite and are super helpful when deciding whether or not you want savory or sweet for brunch.

Almondine85 Water St, Brooklyn

Try: Not to cry.

Why: According to Kate, this is the epitome of a chocolate chip cookie. It is simple, flat (but not hard) with a slightly crispy but also chewy texture and huge melted chocolate chips. It doesn’t stray from what you expect from a classic chocolate chip cookie, except that it’s executed flawlessly.

Paradis114 4th Ave, Manhattan

Try: To not be confused about where 4th Ave is.

Why: Yvonne promises a perfect cookie with chocolate chunks spread evenly throughout, a crispy outside and a soft inside. The best part: it’s sprinkled with salt on top.


Ovenly31 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn

Try: Peanut Butter Sea Salt

Why: Krista ate one a day her freshman year of college. Perfectly chewy and moist, these suckers will pull you in and get you hooked. You’ll never stop thinking about them.

Fun fact: They’re vegan.

If You’re Watching Seinfeld Reruns and Get a Craving for a Black & White Cookie

Try: Literally any bagel shop or bakery in NYC. They all kind of taste the same.

Bring: A friend. Few can get past more than 3 bites because of the thick fondant, which is probably why Jerry got sick.

Points: If you can imitate the way the guy who steps on Elaine’s foot say “Sorry.”

For the Nutella Fiends

Grandaisy Bakery, 250 West Broadway, Manhattan

Try: Nutella shortbread cookie

Why: It almost hurts your teeth it’s so good. The shortbread and Nutella dissolves into a dry milkshake, if that makes sense (Amelia is writing this, so it doesn’t) and creates a sensation that can only be described as immediate addiction; before the first bite is swallowed, you’re already ready for a second cookie. Oh my god. It’s so good.

Important: They sell out EARLY. Hit up Grandaisy before noon and try your hardest to save for later. (Great iced coffee spot, too. Order it black to slice the sweetness of the cookie.)

When You’re Starving and Can Nap After Eating

Levain Bakery167 W 74th St, Manhattan

Try: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip or Chocolate Chip Walnut

Why: Per Sofia, “THEY ARE GIANT COOKIE METEORS.” One will last you for days. They also have a fun live-cam set up on their site which is both creepy and wonderful for any all cookie voyeurs.

Sweet Corner Bake Shop, 535 Hudson St, Manhattan

Try: The M&M cookie

Why: It’s pure childhood, both in taste (the most ideal M&M to cookie dough ratio) and in the fact that it will spike your sugar up crazy high then make you crash hard about an hour later. So worth it, though.

When You’re Flavor-venturous 

Momofuku Milk BarVarious Locations

Try: Compost Cookie OR Blueberries & Cream Cookie

Why: They are the softest, most addictive cookies on the planet. You’ll want to eat 4.

Milk and Cookies19 Commerce St, Manhattan

Try: Salted Oat

Why: It feels new, but the flavor isn’t so crazy that you’re scared or grossed out. It hits the oat-y and the salty notes evenly. Of course, the best part about Milk and Cookies is that they serve ice cream, too — just in case you need a little dairy on the side.

For Those Late (Late) Night Cravings

Insomnia CookiesVarious Locations & Delivery

Try: Oatmeal Raisin

Why: This was a “hallway favorite” when Elizabeth was a student at NYU. It’s perfect for study breaks, work breaks, 3 a.m. Netflix binges and a great drunk food alternative (or companion) to pizza.

For the Gift-Givers

Roccos, 243 Bleecker St, Manhattan

Try: The Italian Cookie mix

Why: For the history (it’s been family owned since 1974) and for that traditional, old-school Italian cookie assortment mix taste where all of the cookies sort of blend together and taste the same but are so, so damn satisfying and impossible to stop eating. They sell gift-wrapped trays of their mix, too. Amelia brings them to dinner parties where she fears the dessert will suck.

Eleni’s75 9th Ave, Manhattan

Why: According to Cristina, they’re the prettiest cookies ever that taste as good as they look, and, you can get photos printed on them. She recommends sourcing embarrassing “awkward stage” photos for gifting purposes.

E.A.T.1064 Madison Ave, Manhattan

Try: Any of their sugar cookies with frosting, preferably of the themed variety.

Why: It will make you (or whoever you buy this for) get in the spirit, whatever it is you’re celebrating…even if it’s just national cookie day.

Addendum: Leandra has these creepy things that she calls “Fertility biscuits.” They have not been included.

Photography by Krista Anna Lewis


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