The Best of Copenhagen Street Style, Plus 9 Takeaways


licking through the street style of Copenhagen Fashion Week reminded me of taking a bite of Funfetti cake in that it gave me pure, unadulterated joy. Maybe this shouldn’t come as a surprise: Copenhagen is considered by some measures to be one of the happiest places in the world. But if you don’t trust said measures, I would like to submit the below ensembles — arguably the sartorial interpretation of chromotherapy — as physical evidence.

Copenhagen’s street style was overflowing with wildly patterned dresses, candy-colored accessories and voluminous silhouettes. It was almost as if all attendees got a memo to honor maximalism in every sense of the word. Continue below for the technicolor proof, plus some freshly-baked styling takeaways and observations — I’ll be waiting in the comments.

1. Pattern Clashing Isn’t Reserved for Stripes and Polka Dots

For starters, this look has convinced me that it’s not too late to board the tie-dye bandwagon and for that I am quite grateful. But also, this is the first time in years (no, I’m not exaggerating), that I’ve seen acid wash and felt a strong desire to wear it.

2. Socks and Sandals Can Be Chic

This styling trick has been in the tourist-fashion rulebook for ages now, but this take breathes new life into the sock-sandal combo for me. I believe the beauty lies in swapping a velcro-strap sandal with a glossy mule and trading in tube socks for a delicate pair of the sheer variety.

3.Anklets Are Making a Comeback

One look at this picture filled me with remorse for having wasted such prime real estate for accessories for so long.

Dear ankles,

Please forgive me.

xoxo, Imani

4.Sneakers Pair Perfectly With Ruffley, Patterned Dresses

There are a bunch of iterations of this pairing in this slideshow and I just can’t get enough. Me being drawn to sneakers is nothing new, but I’ve been contemplating buying a bright, voluminous dress for a while and now I’m certain that I need one.

5.Dress Shirts Make for a Surprising Base Layer

The act of wearing a small clothing item atop a larger one registers as “backwards layering” in my mind, but contrarily, I find this approach very forward-thinking. T-shirts over button-ups, welcome to the future.

6.Hair Accessories Can (Should?) Pay Homage to Childhood

The perpetual popularity of kindergarten hair and fruit-fashion have converged to create an accessory that is good enough to eat. I’ll take two helpings, please and thank you.

7.Millennial Pink Isn’t Going Anywhere

Although melodramatic purple, Gen Z yellow and Miranda Hobbes green are making a play to be its successor, millennial pink has proven to be a resilient barnacle on the buoy of fashion. And seeing it here is only making me want in more.

8.Oversize Blazers Still Look Cool

The roomy proportions of this blazer and bag remind me of playing dress up in my mom’s closet, in a good way. But since we’re pretty much the same size nowadays, I’m scouring the internet for alternative oversize options as I write this.

9.Monochrome Feels Supremely Fresh in White

I’ve been hankering to wear more white, so I’m taking this look as a sign that I’m on the path to becoming my best self. This look is like a work of art; just the right amount of negative space offset by thoughtful details, which in this case take the form of a timeless brown belt, wire-frame sunglasses and tiny black neck scarf.

Photos by Simon Chetrit

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