My Favorite Fall Boots, From $35 to $550

Lodged between pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin spice candles, a good pair of boots are firmly situated on the list of things that are innately fall. September more or less flew by — which is fine by me considering it’s debatably the least Autumn-y month of the season — and it took the humidity with it. Finally, our ankles, shins and calves (even knees, if that tickles your fancy) can be caressed by boots without the fear of sweat puddling within. Rejoice!

As I recently mentioned, I’ve been wearing the same pair of matte black chelsea boots essentially every day for the past two falls. I think spending so much time with said boots (the heels have been worn down to nubs) has in turn unleashed my desire for styles that look nothing like them. I’m craving boots of the patent, suede and sculpturally heeled variety — below are my top contenders.

Slouchy Boots

Slouchy boots are back, baby — something I never imagined I’d say since I ditched them, along with my graphic T-shirts and Aeropostale jeggings years ago. Honestly, I’m relieved I have the opportunity to redeem myself; I’m old enough and wise enough now to see that the issue wasn’t the boots, it was me — or rather, my styling. Now I’m ready to have my The Devil Wears Prada “You look good” moment, (remember the scene after Andy gets a makeover and stuns her snarky coworker, Emily? Her slouchy, thigh-high Chanel boots were the key!). Although I’d be more than happy to replicate Andy’s entire look, I’m also very into the idea of wearing a pair of slouchy boots that would tickle the hem of a midi dress, like this one from Reformation.

Western Boots

Western boots have had their proverbial (and literal) walk around the block, but in my opinion, experimentation with both color and proportions have kept them fresh. For example, Jeffrey Campbell’s ‘SKYMONT’ builds upon the foundation of the classic cowboy boot with their exaggeratedly sloped upper and sculptural block heel, making the shoe more so about artfulness than functionality. On the other hand, there’s Matisse’s ‘Good Company’ boot; with its lack of ornamentation and streamlined silhouette, it reads like the traditional western boot’s effortlessly cool, cosmopolitan cousin. Regardless of what end of the cowboy boot spectrum you land on, I find that they offer maximum wearability, pairing seamlessly with everything from vintage denim to a slip dress.

Lace-Up Boots

I’m afraid I must admit that I became especially enamored with lace-up boots after seeing Chloe Sevigny portray Lizzie Borden, a young woman who *allegedly* axe murdered her parents in 1892, in the film Lizzie. The movie did not receive great reviews, but the styling gets five stars in my book; there were voluminous mutton sleeves, corsets and pleated full skirts galore (much of which was provided by Sevigny’s personal archive of 19th-Century garments, according to Fashionista). That said, wearing a pair of Victorian-inspired boots today — like these ones from by Far — seems like a more-than-welcome dollop of extravagance and drama atop my frequented oversized blazer and jeans combo.

Which of these styles are you feeling the most? Or should I consider some other contenders? Let me know in the comments.

Collages by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

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