10 Trends That Will Be Everywhere in Six Months

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ou know that feeling you get when you plan something way in advance, or buy your plane tickets to Miami months before your friend is getting married, or purchase a jar of peanut under the assumption that you will have a peanut butter and jelly craving sometime in the foreseeable future? That’s exactly how I feel when the trends for next season start to crystallize well in advance of their tangible dispatch. I love being able to peer into my hypothetical wardrobe half a year from now and witness the array of possibilities taking shape. I love leisurely playing with the materials in my head long before the physical outfits manifest. I love pondering how the seeds that are planted by designers now will sprout in the hands of the consumers who tend to them. On that note, keep scrolling for a rundown of the 10 biggest trends impending for Spring/Summer 2019, according to fashion month.

1. Bike Shorts Are Going to Be Everywhere

Call it the Princess Diana effect or call it a newfound respect for pelvic comfort, but bike shorts were — dare I say it — EVERYWHERE on the runways, which is great news if any of your New Year’s resolutions involve cycling to work every morning. I’m particularly fascinated by the growing ubiquity of this trend in that it represents a phenomenon I believe we’ll start to see more and more as social media’s effect on the fashion zeitgeist becomes increasingly powerful: one wherein Instagram trends trickle up to high-fashion runways instead of the other way around. From nostalgic #throwbackthursday posts of Diana to Kim Kardashian’s extensive rotation of cropped lycra, bike shorts have been prolific on the ‘gram for awhile now, so it was interesting to watch everyone from Fendi to Chanel join the party.

2. Hairkerchiefs Are Making Heads Spin

The preponderance of scrunchies and hair clips in street style slideshows over the last couple of years has very effectively laid the groundwork for a hair-decorating extravaganza (one of the easiest ways to make an outfit look interesting is sticking some kind of flourish on your head, in my humble opinion). Next up: hairkerchiefs! Though a notable abundance of designers accessorized heads with scarves this season, it’s important to acknowledge that the practice of wearing a scarf in one’s hair has historic roots with connotations that vary widely depending on how the scarf is tied, and educating yourself before participating is paramount. While the runways favored a Grace Kelly-esque approach (i.e. folded and knotted at the back or to the side), there are other styles of hairkerchief-wearing that are far more than just an accessory, from hijabs to durags to nun habits to Geles, a style of Nigerian head wrap. Read up before you partake.

3. Tevas and Flip Flops Are Ready to Reign Supreme

Apparently when fanny packs and windbreakers started trending last season, it was only the beginning. Tourist-inspired style continues into 2019 with Tevas-esque sandals and flip flops galore. I couldn’t be more thrilled considering these footwear options are some of the most comfortable in the biz. They’re also the perfect accompaniment to a really extravagant outfit (it’s all about contrast, you know)?

4. Puddle Hems Are Puddling Up a Storm

If you aren’t familiar with the term “puddle hems,” that’s probably because Man Repeller’s own Haley Nahman coined it nonchalantly in a fashion week email thread in reference to the multitude of trousers on the runways that were just a few inches past floor-length, thus puddling slightly on the floor. This is a prime example of fashion executing a hard swing in the opposite direction of whatever trend it’s been selling of late, going from cropped (a.k.a. too short) to puddle (a.k.a. too long). You can continue to wear your pedal pushers from last season, of course, but why not peddle in some puddles as well? They’re great for obfuscating a chipped pedicure, I suspect.

5. Western Lite Is the Uniform Du Jour

The western trend is carrying over from last season, but this time it’s a little less literal and a lot more wearable day to day. Burberry’s cow-print mini skirt styled with a checkered button down, white blazer, sheer socks and cap-toe pumps is the quintessential illustration, proving that western-inspired pieces don’t have to look like a costume to make a point. Incorporated with some of the more straightforward staples in your wardrobe, it can provide the ideal dose of subtle irreverence. Ditto for the denim jacket I spotted at Coach (which I would wear with a coordinating lurex set of top and pants if I had my druthers), the wide belt and plumed skirt at Saint Laurent (would look so cool with a tucked-in cardigan) and Tod’s suede trousers and zip-up (perfect as-is, TBH).

6. Sheer Dresses Are Giving Your Underwear the Platform It Deserves

FINALLY: an excuse to invest in all the coordinating high-waist underwear and matching bra sets I imagined I would own as an adult. My philosophy around cool lingerie has always been why bother if it’s hiding under my clothes all day?, but sheer dresses are offering a Broadway-worthy debut opportunity. I would also consider wearing a swimsuit underneath one à la Reese Blutstein. For occasions that aren’t visible lingerie or swimsuit-friendly (which I imagine I’ll encounter from time to time), I love the idea of wearing a sheer dress over a tank top and pants. Two outfits for the price of one — a layering triumph.

7. Statement Cardigans Are On the Up and Up

A statement cardigan is an inherently fun concept because cardigans, historically, have been relegated to a somewhat “prim and proper” stereotype. But fret not! Spring 2019 is their chance to go out and sow their wild oats. It’s their all-access pass to contrasting Peter Pan collars, superfluous pockets, oversize buttons, embellished brooches, patches and cuffs that resemble whipped cream. It’s their moment to speak in exclamation points and I, for one, can’t wait to assist.

8. Miranda Hobbes Green Is Your New Wardrobe Protagonist

I’m not saying I saw this trend coming, but…I TOTALLY SAW THIS TREND COMING. I wrote about the ascent of Miranda Hobbes green (and dubbed it such due to its underdog-like combination of alienating and appealing and offensive and charismatic) in my story about the power of color clickbait. I love that it’s just getting started, although whether or not it is actually the rightful heir to millennial pink remains to be seen. (I’m rooting for you, Miranda).

9. Rope Belts Are Doling Out Hip Hugs

Your belt loops are in for a treat this spring because rope belts are on the rise. My favorite part about this trend is its fertile DIY potential. All you need is a rope and you have yourself a belt. I recommend a thinner one if you want to tie it in a pleasingly large bow, or a thicker one if a sailor’s knot is more your thing. Regardless, holding up pants has never looked so fun.

10. Crochet Is Taking Over Knitwear

When I say “crochet,” I’m referring to a very particular kind of knit — open-weave and a bit knubby, like the material of a blanket you might find slung over the sofa in your great aunt Jill’s house — or looser still, like a fishing net. Toward the end of this past summer I started to experience a strong craving to ditch my white cotton blouses and replace them with crochet tanks, so if this is the fashion industry reading my mind, I’m into it.

That’s all for now, folks. Thoughts? Opinions? Other trends you’re excited about? Tell me in the comments.

Animations by Melanie Duran;@melbduran. Art Direction by Emily Zirimis.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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