I Can’t Believe Fruit Fashion Is Still Trending (But I’m Not Mad)

Fruit Is Still In Our Cart

Are you surprised by how firmly fruit has held onto its position in the fashion zeitgeist? As long ago as last spring (which, in clickbait trend years, is practically a lifetime), Leandra wrote about how her shopping cart was teeming with items of the fruit-centric variety. I could say exactly the same thing about mine now in July 2018 which is, quite frankly, NUTS.

I’m not mad about it, but I am curious about it. My working theory is that the continued popularity and preponderance of fruit still lives on Instagram is turning fruit into a mainstay of our popular culture’s aesthetic — much like millennial pink. Fruit is also a remarkably versatile medium when it comes to fashion, easily encompassing both the high-end (see: Prada’s iconic banana print from Spring/Summer 2011) and the delightfully gimmicky (see: the myriad of plastic fruit earrings that resides on Amazon). No matter how you slice it, the fruit frenzy appears to be raging on, and while it does, you can find me online shopping with juice proudly dripping down my chin. Below are three extremely fruity outfits I would like to wear this summer. Give them a gander and meet me in the comments to discuss your take on fashion fructose.

1. Pomegranate Swim Trunks! Oh My!

This first outfit is inspired not only by my fruit obsession but also by Edith and Leandra, who have taken to wearing men’s swim trunks as shorts this summer. I found this pair printed with pomegranates for $21.22 and it felt like striking internet gold. Ideally, I would take things one step further and throw a men’s short sleeve button down into the mix as well. All of that plus a Susan Alexandra cherry bag and on-sale Marc Jacobs espadrille wedges equals the stuff unisex outfit dreams are made of. It’s basic math.

2. Cherries on My Pants, Strawberries on My Feet

Speaking of basic math, this striped tank top from Petit Bateau is only $8.99 and would look so great with these cherry pants, which are on sale for $158. The sales don’t stop there, though! Fruit and discounts collide in the best way possible thanks to these Altuzarra sandals, which I’ve been eyeing since they first came out and now they are a whopping 70% off so feel free to take a bite.

3. Banana Boobs Have Never Looked So Good

Thank goodness that for our collective sakes that Prada did not retire bananas after 2011. I like this sweater so much I would frame it above my bed, but I’ll settle for wearing it on my upper half. Unfortunately it’s on the pricey side but you better believe I’ll be eyeing it like a hawk come holiday sale season. In the meantime, I’m focusing my attention on these lemon-print bikini briefs and fruit salad-worthy earlobe knockers.

Final question: R U ready to get fruity with me!?!?!?!?

Collages by Madeline Montoya.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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