In partnership with Miu Miu

3 Holiday Party Looks (Plus How to Repurpose Them in January)

In partnership with Miu Miu

I am a sparkle-drawn, bow-loving magpie who lives for this time of year’s excuse to dress like a human present. If you said to me, “Hey you, you look like a walking snow globe with hair,” I would take that as a compliment, then ask if I should add a little more tinsel or glitter.

Yet as I get older and begin to set my sights on wardrobe investments, particularly where accessories are concerned, I need to be sure they have a job in my closet after January 1st. The easiest way to do that, of course, is the January 15th Test.

The January 15th Test is what you’re about to see here today, shot in partnership with Miu Miu and all my wildest dreams. January 15th, the date, is my personal “get rid of the tree” deadline. It is also, so far, the farthest into the new year that any living partner has sufficiently withstood my Holiday Classics playlist loop. As a result, once January 15th hits, I stop dressing like I rolled around in the fake snow of a mall Santa’s North Pole photo backdrop and resume my wardrobe’s regularly scheduled programming. The January 15th Test is born from this putting-away of festive trimmings. For anything to make it to January 16th, it has to pass one simple question: Can it work outside a holiday context?

Cue a sleigh-full of Miu Miu shoes and accessories laughing heartily at the challenge.

From a Family Party With Your Fancy, Dance-y Grandma (on December 23rd), to a Dinner-and-a-Movie Matinee…With Your Fancy, Dance-y Grandma (on January 23rd)

Here we have a pair of pink leather Miu Miu mules with bows atop the toes, a pair of crystal earrings, and a black convertible shoulder bag/clutch/fanny pack with tassels that might as well be tinsel. These accessories sing “holidays!” like true high altos — particularly against a monochrome skirt suit backdrop.

But would you just look at how they nuzzle right into the cozy bosom of a giant sweater and stretchy pants — an outfit that is as weather-permitting-evergreen as the winter is long? They don’t just nuzzle, either. They kick the look up a notch. What could have been couch-cornered athleisure, easily, suddenly prompts its wearer to declare, “You know what? I’m in the mood to go out!”

January 15th Test: Passed.

From a Holiday Party You’re Attending as Your Other Half’s +1 (on December 21st), to a Birthday Party With Said Other Half as Your +1 (on January 21st)

Say hello the LBD I think about night and day. It is holiday party perfection, particularly because it can be worn with a turtleneck underneath or with sparkly bare skin. Sparklier still are the silver Miu Miu heels paired with the crystal earrings with drop-down pearls and the brooch-like clasp on the velvet mustard bag — ornaments to your LBD’s tree, flames to your candelabra.

Yet, behold! Observe in awe as these silver shoes, miraculously, look just as at-home with a black mini dress as they do with a VIC (very important cardigan) and a pair of jeans. Ditto that for the earrings and the purse. It’s like they’ve been together their whole lives.

January 15th Test: Passed.

From a Festive Ballet Followed by Drinks (on December 27th), to Drinks Followed by an Early Bedtime for the First Time in Forever (on January 27st)

The final contenders in our test for today: a pair of gold Miu Miu sandals with multicolored chunky heels (which make for excellent cocktail-party-standing-shoes), a leopard print handbaga rainbow crystal choker. And man oh man are they the icing on a tweed skirt and oversize cardigan’s metaphorical gingerbread house.

But icing is year-round, as I’m sure you know, because would you just look how seamlessly this trio transitions into a comfy-cool-casual getup made up of track pants and a sparkly cardigan — a cinnamon bun outfit if I ever did see one? I’d feel as comfortable in this outfit (at a bar, on my couch) as I am handing out its accessories’ final marks:

January 15th Test: Passed — flying colors.

Shop Miu Miu’s holiday-but-not-just-for-the-holidays collection here. And in the comments below, let me know your equivalent of the January 15th Test.

Photos by Edith Young. Modeled by Flor at State Management. Makeup by Maggie Mondanile. 

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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