6 Instagram Accounts Making Me Excited to Get Dressed

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On my recent journey toward accepting my body and repairing my relationship with fashion, I’ve found myself bookmarking outfits on Instagram a lot more than I used to — not just because I love the clothes, but because I can relate to the bodies the clothes are on.

Women of different sizes are popping up on my Instagram feed and in campaigns more than ever before. It feels like the idea that style only encompasses one size demographic is finally being challenged in a genuine way. It’s so refreshing to see a large spectrum of women dressing for themselves without feeling inhibited by an antiquated archetype of what fashion “should” be and for whom.

I owe a lot to these women for helping me find my place in a larger movement of people no longer standing to be “othered.” Because when I see a wonderful medley of body types dressing in cool outfits, it makes me want to wear cool outfits, too. So without further adieu, and in case you’re also looking for inspiration, below are seven outfits I’ve recently bookmarked for that very purpose.

I recently started following Ansley and suggested that she do an outfit recipe on Man Repeller’s Instagram (you can find it in Man Repeller’s story highlights). I’m in love with her easy, put-together outfits as well as her nostalgic-feeling photos taken in flower shops and vast grassy fields of Georgia. I’ve been wanting to wear a button-down shirt tucked into high-waist white pants for a while now. Maybe it’s time for me to finally buy a Hawaiian shirt and go for it?

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It was really difficult to choose which outfit from Abisola to share because she has so many good ones, but I ended up going with this one because last time I checked, it was still 90 degrees in New York. Just because it’s September doesn’t mean we can’t still dress like we’re on vacation in the south of France. (Straw hat not optional.)

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I never realized how much I needed to nail this outfit equation until I saw it here. Scarf in a high ponytail + cat eye sunglasses + gold hoops + split end leggings + Chanel-esque block heels?! It’s like Thelma & Louise meets Grease in the best way.

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Leandra already wrote about leopard print skirts being the skirt of the summer, and yet I still haven’t purchased one of my own. Kellie Brown also nailed this T-shirt + leopard skirt combo recently, so I really don’t know what I’m waiting for. I’ve recently been really into sneakers and dresses thanks to Man Repeller’s recent black tie sneaker party, and therefore feel fully equipped with sneakers in hand — just need the skirt now.

I tried to wear crop tops this summer and I’m finally getting more comfortable with it! Still taking some mental work on my part though. My ultimate goal would be to pair a crop top with high-waist shorts. I love the pattern and color-mixing here with the red gingham shoes. Summer’s still not over, folks.

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I have been on a 5+ year-long search for the perfect vintage Levi’s that actually fit my body. It has not yet happened, but when it does, I hope that I look as cool as Minami does here. I also love the idea of tucking a white one-piece into jeans for a Dirty Dancing effect. And that gold scrunchie: not optional.

Any more Instagram accounts I should follow? And what outfits do you have your eye on?

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Emily Zirimis

Emily Zirimis is the Visual Manager at Man Repeller

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