I Spent A lot of Time on Twitter and Solved 6 Shopping Problems

I don’t use Twitter that much. I’m more into Instagram—mainly because that’s how I’m introduced to brands and collect styling ideas. The other day, though, Gyan brought a tweet to my attention I could not ignore. It wasn’t the usual snarky statement or meme, it was New Yorker writer Jia Tolentino asking her followers to point her toward the best pregnancy loungewear. My ears perked up because I field these kinds of questions daily on Instagram—and all of a sudden I realized that Twitter has something for me after all.

This is a strange time to answer market questions, because it seems like we’re all seeking very similar things. Usually, people ask me to address super-specific scenarios: shoes for a brother-in-law’s sister’s engagement party; the perfect dress for a date with a guy from high school; a matching set to wear to two-year-old’s birthday party at which a crush will also be in attendance. In quarantine, though, everybody has the same request: something that will make them feel comfortable. It turns out there are actually a lot of ways to answer that prompt.

So, one recent morning after I saw the Jia tweet, I decided to scour Twitter for more style questions and see what I could do to answer them. Here we go!

Tweet One: The Best Loungewear

While this looks like a straightforward request, I can tell you, we are dealing with a massive category. First, I suggest starting with the loungewear du jour: a unisex matching sweatsuit. You can spring for a sensible shade of gray or opt to slather a #stickofbutter hue on your person. If you want something a little less covered up, consider a yellow sweatshirt paired with matching teeny running shorts or henley shorts and half-zip. Entireworld also makes a pair of sweatshorts with a matching sweat-tee. Back to pants, though: Leandra recommended these Live The Process ones here, and I went ahead and got them on sale. (And I’m happy to report they won’t stretch or bulge around your knees after a single wear.) If coordinating your pants to your vanilla ice cream pint is your thing, I suggest this ribbed style with a matching henley or this onesie with a drop crotch in a comfy waffle weave that Harling recently wore while documenting her current beauty routine on MR’s Instagram Story. Last but not—certainly not!—least: This simple pair of breathable leggings are the best out there, in my humble opinion. Okay, actually, one more thing… if you were holding out for something a smidge more feminine, allow me to direct you to our story on nightgowns, which features plenty of options that will do just as well as out-of-home dresses once that kind of thing is advisable.

Tweet One and a Half: The Best Maternity Loungewear

Here’s Jia’s tweet. If you, too, have a bun in the oven, might I suggest these knit pants on sale at HATCH, with a matching sweater for good measure? Or ribbed maternity leggings, built for your bump? These aren’t technically maternity leggings, but I hear that if you size up by one size, they’re perfect. These joggers are suitable for pregnant and non-pregnant women alike, too. And here’s a breathable linen shirt/shorts set you can wear throughout the summer (the shorts are elastic waist). What else do we have here…? These cashmere ribbed shorts that’ll stretch over your bump, plus a matching hoodie! And this is a three-piece lounge set that I may buy, even though I’m not pregnant. Someone else told me that these Naadam cashmere pants (on sale) and these OV joggers are great while pregnant and after. Also from Naadam: Might I suggest a knit cardigan dress? Button the top buttons and let it drape over your bump like it’s peaking out of a blanket.

Tweet Two: Good Quality Underwear

I recently revisited this story from last year, which still applies, but I have some some great options to add to it here. Let me preface: I prefer underwear that’s fully cotton or a mostly-cotton blend for comfort and breathability. If you agree: Full butt? Try these from Knickey, which are my favorite and what I bought at the very start of quarantine. For a budget buy, I recommend these from Gap, which are very similar to the great Knickey style or these from Marks & Spencer, which are just $12.50 for a pack of 5. Baserange, Hanro, and Entireworld also make similarly great full-butt cotton pairs that are a bit thinner and suitable for wearing with tighter bottoms. These Araks, also made in a panty-line-minimizing material, are so fun in color-blocked patterns (treat yourself to a matching bralette). If you’re game for a quaran-thong this one from Knickey is my favorite. This pack of 6 for $8 does the trick, too. And this one from Pact is breathable, with a lace waistband if you feel like being kinda cute under your sweats. On the opposite spectrum, I must confess that these days, I sometimes exist in just underwear and an oversized t-shirt. In that mode, I prefer a boyshort. These simple but fantastic solid ones from Pact and ThirdLove are my daily go-tos and there are also these cute lacey ones from ThirdLove. And of course I have Hanky Panky in the mix. I have to say, though, butts look FANTASTIC in boxer shorts—like these amazing ones from Richer Poorer that come in a bunch of colors.

Tweet Three: Socks. Just Socks.

I love wearing socks around the apartment, in bed, alone with underwear and nothing else—so I am VERY excited about this tweet. After moisturizing, I love to slip on a pair of cushiony tube socks like these with sayings on them from Kule or these sporty airport ones from Tibi. However, when I’m just putzing around the house, I like a thicker-soled camp sock. Sometimes, when I’m wearing shorts (95% of the time), I go for a taller style (which BTW will do you great with loafers, once shoes come back out to play). This thick tie-dyed pair is so fun, and these from Calzedonia are my all-time favorite knee-highs. In search of an outfit-making sock? I love these fun, metallic Acne Studios ones  (now on sale) and these tie-dye ones from J.Crew, both of which spice up my all-black sweatsuit. But the real sock star in this story is this dainty, gorgeous pair, which should be worn with a sweet pair of fluffy slippers.

Tweet Four: Good House Slippers

Speaking of slippers!!!! If, like Chelsea, you don’t wear shoes in the house and need some traction, I have some loot for you. I found my favorite pair back in November, when we were prepping the MR Gift Guide. They’re by Toast, and I love them and wear them daily. They don’t have the exact Gift Guide style anymore, but man, I do love these crazy ones! I also think these striped ones from Uniqlo are great. My boyfriend has been wearing mine around the house and I’d like them back.

These plush ones keep your toes free, and these Tibi flip flops (on sale) or these Birkenstocks do the same trick (and you can wear them outside eventually). On the sandal circuit, I recently wore these stretch knot sandals from Rothy’s in a MR Outfit Recipe on Instagram and have been scampering around the apartment in them regularly since then. Speaking of real shoes for the indoors… velvet loafers for home are quite fancy, and I also highly recommend these satin Mary Janes that I’ve been wearing as slippers indoors. They come in like a bajillion colors, too. Once outside again, I’ll wear them with cute shorts and a tank or perhaps a day-time nightgown. And then, of course, you cannot go wrong with the L.L.Bean moccasin, which I will forever swear by.

Tweet Five: The Best White T-Shirts

This is easy because I have a go-to: the Hanes x Karla. If you’re looking for something luxurious, there’s Re/Done x Hanes—it’s the most expensive of the bunch, but maybe one really good tee is enough for your wardrobe? This less expensive style from Entireworld, called the “Tiny T,” is a favorite for styling shoots because you can’t see through it. When I want my “fancy” tee, I swing over to this textured one from J.Crew I’ve had it for three years and it miraculously remains both white and soft. This slim and stretchy one from Vince is perfect for layering. Sometimes I want a boxier tee with sleeves I can roll, in which case I go for this super-soft solid-white one from Kule or this vintage-style one from Madewell. And hear me out: This men’s Hanes tee for $5 and this Uniqlo men’s one for $8 are perfect, just wash them once before wearing to maximize their softness.

Feature photos by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

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