Glow-in-the-Dark Makeup Changed My “Going Out” Look

Imani does a glow-in-the-dark makeup tutorial

During the day, Pat McGrath’s Skin Fetish highlighter and my sweaty commute make it more than easy to achieve my desired level of dewiness. But defining my ideal going-out beauty look hasn’t been quite as simple.

As the summer’s progressed and the temperatures have risen, typical nighttime go-tos seem less and less suitable to me. A smokey eye feels unbearably heavy — it contradicts the airy ethos of the season — and winged liquid liner melts away in a quarter of the time it takes me to apply it.

Through trial and error, I’ve realized that what I’ve been searching for is makeup that allows me to shine at night — glow-in-the-dark makeup, if you will. Makeup that turns up the saturation and maximizes shine in order to stand-out past sundown, but still in the effortless spirit of my daytime routine.

Below are three hand-crafted, summer-worthy beauty looks that make me glow. Plus a healthy serving of blingy jewelry for good measure.

Look #1: The Maximalist Version of Post-Workout Glow

For this look, I loaded on my most iridescent products so that my face could catch light at every angle. Highlighter on the cheek and brow bones is always essential in my opinion, but I think using a cream — rather than a powder one, which tend to register more two-dimensionally — was key in achieving overall lustrousness.

Look #2: The Sunset You Want to Instagram (But Put on Your Eyelids Instead)

I had never once considered adorning my lids with two individual colors until Fenty Beauty’s Killawatt Foil duo-hued palette was staring me in face. I’ll be the first to admit that this is an odd approach, but I think the vibrancy and sheen provided by this product warrants a double take.

Look #3: The Rainbow Sprinkles Your Ice Cream Always Wanted

I used actual glow sticks as my color scheme inspiration in this look; sadly, the neon green wasn’t able to defy the darkness, but the cobalt blue popped! As did my lip gloss and layers of necklaces, so I truly can’t complain.

Do I look more like a human Glo Worm or the little girl from this meme? Tbh, I’ll be pleased either way, so don’t hold back in the comments.

Photographed by Edith Young at 886. Base makeup throughout: VDL primer, L.A. Girl concealer, Glossier setting powder, Glossier boy brow and Glossier mascara.

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