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A lot of the time, writing on the internet can feel like screaming into the void. Aside from the fact that I can now come to an office and bother my coworkers, the actual act of writing posts for Man Repeller doesn’t feel that different from when I wrote just for myself (shout out LiveJournal!). Which is why the comments on Man Repeller feel so important. They remind me that there are people who are part of this community who are actually living this whole thing with us and with each other.

So, first: thanks for jumping into the comment section. We see you, we hear you, and we appreciate you. I hear, see, and appreciate you so much in fact, that I’ve put together a round-up of some of the most notable comments from Vanity Month aka July. Please note this was very hard! You’re all such a gorgeous mix of thoughtful, opinionated and deeply strange. It’s a joy to share this part of the internet superhighway with you all.

The lovely and sincere

With age comes acceptance 

From 7 Women on Whether They Regret Their Cosmetic Surgery, Iman’s dynamite interview that presents thoughtful and nuanced takes on cosmetic surgery.

From  7 Women on Whether They Regret Their Cosmetic Surgery ,Iman’s dynamite interview that presents thoughtful and nuanced takes on cosmetic surgery.

Special delivery: Inspiration

From Man Repeller’s Mail Guy Is So Cool We Can’t Even Think of a Headline, my interview with our very very very stylish mail carrier, Aubrey.

You are beautiful and so are your friendships 

From The Unmatched Purity of Vanity Among Friends, Kiki’slovely story about the beauty and freedom of bragging to your friends.

Date night >>>>>

From Would You “Renegotiate” Your Relationship Every Year?, Haley’s firecracker of an essay about what it really takes to make love last.

The ones that made us think

Drawing an important line 
From How Helpful Is Instagram Therapy, Really? Meghan answering the question we were maybe all thinking.

Relationship advice and good life advice 

From Open Thread: What’s Your Take on Open Marriage? Leandra posed the question, y’all answered.

We could probably use a little more of this 

From I Thought I’d Be Cool About Aging. I Was Wrong, my story about how I failed to live up to my expectations of myself as a “chill” woman.

I stan a public library stan 

From on My Little Trick for Reading More Books, self-help for the literary-minded courtesy of Edith Young


From on I Got My Fertility Checked Before Wanting Kids. Would You?, Haley’s story that is equal parts information and personal examination.

The hilarious and out there

Not a bad idea actually….

From Open Thread: What’s Your Take on Open Marriage? Leandra posed the question, y’all answered.

You learn something new (about the Dutch) every day 

From on Low Stakes Hot Take: Dutch Twitter is the Best Twitter, Edith with the Twitter news you can use.

Remain vigilant, souper_crackers is on the loose! 

From on My Pettiest Pet Peeves, in No Particular Order, trust me it is funny and very much worth the read.

First place in the format of a comment division 

From on 3 Older Women on How Vanity Changes With Age, another classic from Iman, this time talking to three women with very different takes on vanity.

I was not not thinking this too. 

From on What’s FaceApp Really Getting At?, the FaceApp take you need (aka isn’t about hacking).

I’ve actually got nothing to add

“Embrace the camel toe” – Paige on 3 Unexpected Ways to Style Bike Shorts


Because it’s vanity month

Please know this comment was directed at me 

From  Celeb Look of the Week: Tessa Thompson Won Wimbledon, my story about my style icon being perfect.

The most relatable comment exchange of all time

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