6 Street Style Stars on How They Got Dressed

Flipping through street style photos is my favorite after-dinner chocolate to savor on at the end of every fashion month. It’s so satisfying to go through them all in one swoop, taking in the unexpected consistencies. I inevitably find myself wondering what everyone was thinking when they got dressed, though, only because it’s something I overthink so often myself. Were they aiming for comfort? Trendiness? Distinction? Did they change a million times, or did the outfit declare itself from the confines of their wardrobe without a shred of doubt? To assuage these curiosities and more, I tapped six friends of Man Repeller whose familiar faces appeared in our biannual New York street style slideshow and asked them to let me peek inside their brains the day each of the following photos were taken. Below, their answers.

1.Christene Barberich

I wasn’t channeling any aesthetic in particular, just me and my usual dress-over-pants business. I will say I ordered the red Racil dress on and hastily ripped the tag off before I realized it was a bit snug around the hips. Lucky me, though, it had snaps all the way down the front, so voila, dress becomes coat. I’ve made a bit of a declaration to comfort lately, and everything I’m wearing is really easy but still finished.

I have a decent collection of Rodebjer and the printed dress under the dress-coat is one of my favorites she’s done lately.

The sandals are super simple Kenneth Cole and say to the world, “I am a servant to my step counter, and no pair of pinch-y shoes will change that.”

In hindsight, I would swap the dress layer for a t-shirt under the red coat. It’s a good look but there’s a lot going on. I have issues with “less.” I think this photo was taken when I was either en route or coming back from the Oscar de la Renta show, which was in the afternoon, so there’s a very good chance I was in the midst of plotting some sort of lunch-dinner (linner?) before the rest of my shows. It ended up being an excellent salad Niçoise with extra anchovies…never disappoints.

2.Candace Marie Stewart

I was going for an upscale take on the alternative-rock aesthetic with this outfit. I’m wearing a combination of R13, L’oreal x Balmain Lipstick and a Fila Tracksuit. The pieces are all from Barneys New York. I felt comfortable, which always makes me happy. The double jacket also helped keep me warm since that day was on the cooler side. I wish I was smiling in this photo, though.

I had a headache because I hadn’t had a chance to stop and get food yet. I actually ate a margherita pizza right after this was taken.

3.Brie Welch

I think I was aiming for a vibe of marching band meets office…in England? I am rather fond of red pants at the moment, and these ones I’m wearing from Racil with their sharp tuxedo stripe are particularly cool. I felt comfortable and just the right amount of jazzy. I’d wear the outfit again, but I don’t really do that. If I were to do something differently, maybe I would have worn a T-shirt or something that didn’t move quite so much during all the sitting, standing and jumping in/out of transportations.

It looks like I was thinking: “What do I do with my hands? Maybe just hold them down. Yeah, that feels okay.”

4. Juliana Salazar

Ganni dress and bag, Celine shoesGanni dress and bag, Celine shoes

I didn’t have anything particular in mind when putting together this outfit aside from comfort and ease. I also just really love this dress and liked the idea of wearing two different floral prints together. I work for Ganni so I borrowed the sample from our showroom. I think I look chic. I hate that word but sometimes nothing else suffices. In hindsight, I would have probably worn my hair up instead of down and put sunglasses on.

I remember when the photo was taken I was leaving the Rosie Assoulin presentation, hoping I wouldn’t look awkward while posing and also thinking about how long the line at Sweetgreen would be.

5.Ramya Giangola

This outfit is very Working Girl. I love the idea of wearing a blazer as a top. These pink cords have been speaking to me for some time. I guess pink has been a pretty prevalent color for a few months now.

I am obsessed with every item in this outfit. The Rosie Assoulin blazer is incredible and I feel I will get a lot of use out of it. The Céline sandals are super comfy and avant garde at the same time, which is always a plus. I felt great. Very chic and put-together. Maybe I should have done something different with my hair, though. I was on my way into the Gabriela Hearst show, which I was already running late for and hoping I wouldn’t miss it.

6.Danielle Prescod

This was the last day of shows. I don’t think I wanted to channel any vibe, I just wanted to wear a cute outfit. Out of everything I wore for fashion week, this look was the most unplanned, so I was feeling uneasy about it — a tad insecure. I was worried I looked corny. Everyone seemed to love it, though. Now I’m very into it.

I am obsessed with the sweater. My sister got it for me for my birthday from Unif.

You can’t see them, but I have on a pair of gold boots, which is really only something I would wear during fashion week. When this photo was taken I was hoping my pin wasn’t camouflaged and also thinking about how sad I was that I was going to miss the Lela Rose show.

Photos by Simon Chetrit.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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