How Is It Almost October, and Should I Buy This?

On Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 5:57 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

Should I buy this check pinafore dress to wear with a black turtleneck, bare legs and these leopard Cole Haan loafers? Also, I can’t believe I’m even asking you this because I feel like I know the answer, but in what color should I buy these over the knee boots from Topshop (for $150!)?

On Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 1:44 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

That pinafore seems TIGHT. I don’t mean that colloquially, I mean literally. But I like it! I’ll raise you that houndstooth for this floral jacquard, tho. And get those boots in black! You’ll wear them more often.

Meanwhile, I am running, not walking, to buy these shell joggers! I know you think I’m kidding, but I’m really very truly not. I plan to wear them with a trench coat like dis.

A wool top like dis.

Sunglasses like-a-this.

And tbd on shoes.

Meanwhile, here is the charm necklace to win all others. Here’s another.

On Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 10:40 AM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

Both of those charm necklaces are SO GOOD. Speaking of charm necklaces to win all charm necklaces, I still want this Katherine Wallach that MRInMyCart posted a few weeks ago.

Those joggers are rogue but watch me get used to them. And I like that ‘fit you put together.

Let me side-bar: how chic is this bag from The Volon? It is dark green had has a monkey bar handle. Into my palm, please!

Do you think I’ll look too Romeo & Juliet in this top? I mostly just haven’t been on ASOS in a while and I’m poking around to see what they have because I don’t totally know what I want that I don’t already have (which is a great thing, I guess). Look at these bonkers-ass sequin socks!!! I wouldn’t wear them but they would be sooo fun to style with. Gotta call them in ASAP.

I ended up getting the black Ganni kitten heels that I won’t shut up about but now I think leopard kitten heels could really round me out. These ones are $45 — TBD how I feel about the high cut of the toe. As for expensive shoes…I kind of want to buy the Calvin Klein by way of Raf Simons’ brain cowboy boots. I know I’ll actually wear them! I want them tall and brown but so far I’m only finding black. Is that dumb? Should I just wear the Ariat ones I already own? I have them in red and brown.

I’m also really glad the world has come to its senses and embraced tall riding boots, too, because once you break them in — save for the ones that swallow my calves like death Spanx and yet I continue to wear — they’re really comfortable and practical.

On Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 3:09 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

I started seeing those Katharine Wallach necklaces last summer at Kirna Zabete. They are really good, huh? And those socks!!! $13! Just get them. I forgot about ASOS for a minute. Thanks for jogging my memory because now I am convinced this skirt will look great under these jeans with this turtleneck, and a cardigan like this one. I’ll borrow your $45 literal kitten heels.

Meanwhile, the other lewk I’m gung-ho on wearing includes a plain white button down or a light blue and white striped one, with this sweater vest and pants like these. And get a load of these!!!

To be filed under things I won’t buy, but will (*really*) appreciate from a distance:

Also, I’m so glad we’re finally putting pearls on eyeglasses, but why has no one made a cashmere neck scarf until now???

On Sat, Sep 23, 2017 at 5:45 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

I love that Burberry coat so much and holy cow, those DRIES shoes. He does a body good, man. Just bought those literal cat feet btw so borrow ’em any time. You’ll have to stuff the toes since you have baby feet.

Plop! In my cart go the new Rebecca De Ravenel earrings.

You know how we were both sick of button-downs a few months ago? Are you still? I’m coming back around to them but I just want more skin around the chest and not so rigid on the collar. Desmond & Dempsey makes these amazing pajamas and their shirts fall PERFECTLY. I like them so much as shirts that they never actually make it to bed but whatever. Should I do safari or tiger? Usually I’m not a prints person but I think they’ll look cool with high waist jeans (can’t get on the low-rise train just yet, into these Mother ones — don’t mind the styling) and these art teacher earrings (only $45!) and loafers.


On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 3:17 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Ooooh, I am on board with the PJ top, but actually like it better with the rest of its set! I just ordered a pretty neat black silk combo platter from Sleeper. My fall lewk is going to include lots of extravagant coats, like the aforementioned Burberry raincoat with various knit and pajama sets under them.

Example: How lovely would this set look with this coat and these sneakers?

I would not sleep (hehe, get it) on the rich accessorizing opportunities here so I’m going to make another case for my last email’s charm necklace, coupled up with this guy. Which is mostly a response to my wanting this chain and this pendant — a girl can dream! I like so much of the new Lizzie Fortunato stuff too, like this necklace.

Oh!!! And your J. Crew finds! The sequin dress and the earrings…so good. Get the earrings in white and the dress in silver.

While you look at these Mary Jane Marni shoes

I will begin cogitating on the knit equivalent of my PJ set. Thinking something like this:

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 5:06 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

I love your fall look. I feel like it’s a foreshadowing of your advanced style and if it is, it will make for great content for your future spawn to one day compare your 28-year-old-self with your 82 year-old-self in an Instagram side-by-side. I now only post photos that I know will eventually provide fodder for my future spawn to post those fun “my mom was hot” tbts.

I don’t know if I can think about coats yet but if I were to… I DON’T CARE IF IT IS A SNOOZE. And I want to get this mini Hayward tiger bag in case you care.

In non-tangential news, I am about .4 seconds away from buying these green velvet knot front sandals under $80 because PARTY SEASON. Honestly, for $60, these brocade pumps…kinda good. Do I want this skirt or do I hate it? Why is that line so thin sometimes?

K, I’m off Nasty Gal and on Rebecca Taylor because (SOS)…

There is a horse sweatshirt and it’s very Napoleon Dynamite.


Now I’m on Tory Burch because I would like some non-denim pants for once. These look safe. Am I being really boring? …Does this sweater change that or no? P.S. I really want these Marni earrings, need the price to come down, please.

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 6:20 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

I LOVE THAT TORY BURCH SWEATER SO MUCH. And you should definitely get those Nasty Gal shoes? It would be…nasty…not to.

I can’t believe you’re already in holiday outfit planning mode. I still have summer b.o. under my arms but I, for one, am in accessories mode, starring these great sunglasses from Club Monaco, this tchotchke machine, this chain, that chain and pearls on pearls on pearls.

Meanwhile, I am super into these weirdos, too, to wear with a huge sweater, like maybe a dramatic mens Dries-style sweater a la this, and some skinny jeans?

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 7:46 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

Whoa, whoa, whoa. That Dries sweater is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Should you get that and I’ll get the Tory one and we’ll look like the Swiss Family Robinson skiing in Gstaad? Or we could pick one and do a time-share.

I love all the chunky gold jewelry you’ve been wearing and just selected there. It’s very ’80s. I want to eat the ’80s like it’s peanut butter, that’s how much I love it right now.

Also, I’m intrigued about skinny jeans. Almost threw a pair out but held them back JUST IN CASE. Tell me more. Because I also am about to buy these — that cropped flare look. (They are only $60.) Maybe I am jumping the gun into holiday, and you’re right. It’s still so warm out right NOW. In which case, I am going to go look at sale sections…

ALERT! ALERT! Altuzarra gingham-ribbon heels are on sale from $715 to $286 and they still have plenty of sizes. They’re even cheaper in the red but I don’t like that color as much with the black ribbon.

And you know what I realized this summer that I regret and kind of want to stock up on? I don’t own a lot of “sundresses.” I always thought that meant one thing (too short, too girly, very out of my comfort zone) but then I realized a sundress can hit calf-length and make you look like a woman in Rome running errands.

I’ll never wear that one, huh? It would look pretty on you though.

Last q, and I need you to be real with me: How long until I get sick of puff sleeves, and is it worth investing in any of these?

Or should I cool it while the jets are hot? And hey, guess what? I think I am, in fact, going to get that Pixie Market top you long ago suggested.

K bye. Email me. I can’t believe it’s almost October, holy fruit basket. Have fun in Paris!

On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 3:54 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

You know what the trouble is with puff sleeves? They don’t work inside coats! Every summer I convince myself that getting dressed the following winter is going to be so much easier (why wouldn’t I just wear gigantic sweaters with mini skirts and knee high boots every day?), and then I remember: the coat. Which I suppose is why I like my outerwear so much. You’ve said it yourself — in a city like New York, your coat is like your car! A puff sleeve top, though? Probably an alpine hanging from the car mirror.

Get the Altuzarra heels. I own them in canvas from a couple of years ago and actually wear them a lot. I think the leather ones would look cool with tights and the sequined dress we have resolved you are getting from J.Crew.

I pretty much shared exactly what’s on my mind re: dressing right now, but failed to mention that I’m 100% going to wear wool gingham on gingham for as long as I can in as many permutations as I can. If I was less into looking like a polished male figure or Fran Drescher meets Hugh Hefner (wait for it…), I’d probably wear something like this:

But I am who I am, and right now, cue Fran x Hugh:

I also just got these cherry earrings…how effing fun?

I only wear one in my left lobe, so I’ll be happy to gift you the other one <3<3<3

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