Stockholm Street Style Will Make You Excited for Fall


here’s no buts about it: The street style at Stockholm Fashion Week will make you excited for fall. I stand by this because I, a staunch-until-the-bitter-end summer loyalist, experienced a distinct autumnal thrill while clicking through the below slideshow. If you are similarly enticed to do the same (which I heartily recommend), I guarantee the pumpkin pie-scented gears in your brain will start to churn with all manner of outfit ideas.

I know it’s hard to imagine right now if you, like me, are enjoying the uniquely moist sensation of August’s last hurrah, but while temperatures soared into the upper 90s in New York, Stockholm breezed through a bout of high 6os and low 70s, and it served up the street style to prove it. I’m talking trousers, light layers, duster coats, overalls, corduroy, vests, blazers, ankle boots, ponchos, patterned tights, and yes — even a fair isle sweater.

Are your gears churning yet?? Meet me in the comments and spill.

Photos by Matthew Sperzel @sperzphoto.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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