The Best Street Style Looks from Paris Fashion Week

With temperatures in the 50s and rain showers predicted ahead, spring has very much sprung in Paris. The reality of this is partially envy-inducing given how cold it still is in New York, but primarily useful in that it means the street style outfits parading around for fashion week are ideal wardrobe inspiration for the transitional weather that looms tantalizingly around the corner. Extra ideal, in fact, because Paris street style has a certain je ne sais quoi (see what I did there?) — an indefinable aura of polish and fantasy that lends itself perfectly to combatting the utilitarian purgatory of getting dressed when it’s not exactly cold but also not exactly hot.

When you click through the slideshow below, you’ll notice a thread of put-togetherness that runs throughout, one that courses with the kind of energy only effort can beget, a byproduct of outfits shaped by thoughtful intentionality, and perhaps even a bit of artistry. This thread is the antidote to winter doldrums, to the preconceived limitations of practicality, to the assumption that effort is inherently laborious. Pick up the thread. Feel it hum with the electricity of ideas that aren’t necessarily new, but rather rediscovered. Follow it into your own wardrobe. Let it guide you toward an evolved understanding of the things you already own, like a white blouse, black skinny jeans and a black blazer  — simple in theory, but utterly appealing in practice. Ditto for a bucket hat and silk scarf — potentially overplayed individually, but when combined on the same head? Revelatory. Don’t even get me started on the sensation of a plain gray suit, slightly oversized, cinched at the waist with a three-buckled belt.

That’s the thing about Paris street style: It may be artistic, but it’s not overly complex. It’s the kind of style that makes you sit up in your seat and think, “I can do that!” And then you do.

Photos by Matthew Sperzel.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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