MR’s Guide to the Best Sandwiches in NYC



In honor of this random holiday that you may or may not have known existed until five seconds ago, team MR rounded up our favorite sandwiches in New York City for your drooling/eating/dreaming pleasure.

Of all the fake-even-though-they’re-on-a-calendar holidays that exist because of the internet, I stand by National Sandwich Day the most. I stand by it because I stand against sad, wilt-y, leftover salads that you packed in tupperware in an effort to save money and then glare at all day while your deskmate eats pizza. I stand by it because I’ve yet to find a food that tastes worse with bread. I stand by it because when it comes to sandwiches, condiments are given as much weight as your outfit’s accessories, cheese is encouraged (to the point that lactose intolerance is often ignored for the sake of a perfect bite), chips are crunched in between and avocado is almost always appropriate. What are honorable core tenets if not those?

Click through above for photographic proof that this whatever holiday should be a real one. Warning: If you’re hungry, these photos might send you into a serious tailspin, so view at your own risk. And then tell us your favorite in the comments!

Speaking of guides and things that make your tongue go !!!!, we’ve also got the skinny on NYC’s best ice cream, oatmeal, pizza and tacos.

Photos by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit.

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