3 Outfit Ideas for In-Between-y Weather

Happy September, my beautiful beluga whales. In direct contrast to the mixtape Drake released in 2015, if you’re reading this it’s not too late — to start thinking about your transitional weather outfits, that is. In fact, if you’re starting now, you’re a bonafide advance-planner. I submit this tweet as evidence:

While I wouldn’t go so far as to call September garbage, the fact that the sidewalks smell like it might be evidence enough that September is basically still summer. The apple-crispness of fall air has yet to descend upon the land, the humidity remains tropical as ever and spaghetti straps are reigning supreme on people’s shoulders. Not for long, though! Which is why I enlisted Elizabeth’s help drafting outfit ideas for the impending weeks wherein the weather is not quite hot and not quite cold. Whether or not it’s just right is up to you and Goldilocks to decide, but in the meantime keep scrolling for three ensembles ripe for three distinctly fall-ish scenarios.

1. When You Want to Wear a Suit to Work But It’s Still Too Balmy for Blazers

The best thing about limbo weather is how it pushes you to get creative with the marriage of practicality and personal style, prompting you to realize that, if a distinguished older gentleman’s closet and a leftover Easter egg had a baby, they would produce the ultimate business attire look for in-between-sy autumnal temperatures. A true eureka moment, if you ask me. I recommend this ensemble for all peoples and persons eager to fold up their shorts and deposit them in the back of their closets until next summer while still maintaining a strong hankering for bare arms kissed by sunny commutes.

2. When You’re Spending the Afternoon at an Outdoor Beer Garden

I’ve literally never spent an afternoon at an outdoor beer garden, but I refuse to feed this particular fall fantasy to the introverted monster under my bed just yet. The good news is that fall comes once a year without fail so I have my entire adult life to make it happen. In the meantime, I will ponder what to wear when it does — or rather, I’ll let Elizabeth do the mental chewing for me because she has a knack for spitting out ideas like THIS, inching the seeds in my mind that much closer to fruition. (And secretly it is my personal belief that settling on the perfect outfit to wear to an occasion is sometimes more satisfying than attending the occasion itself, so there).

3. When You’re En Route to Watch Your Friend Run a Marathon

The New York City marathon is on November 4th, which means if you’re running it, you (yes, you) have two months to invite me to come watch so I can wear bike shorts with a cool cardigan and loafers and statement earrings and cheer you on with the enthusiasm of sartorial delight. Don’t worry, I’ll also make you a cool sign, and my statement earrings are yours if you do a cartwheel over the finish line.

Market by Elizabeth Tamkin, collages by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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