The Best Mattress, Pillows, and Sheets, According to 15 Well-Rested Experts

Evergreen Home: How to Make the Perfect Bed

When I look into my crystal ball, I see myself sleeping on a mattress on the floor for the next two to three months. Unfortunately, there’s a defect in this crystal ball, so it doesn’t do the legwork of specifying exactly what kind of mattress it is: Is it firm, does it have a little give, is it made of organic latex, is it better for a side-sleeper or a stomach-sleeper? Does it share a name with a friendly ghost, or a secondary color, or a popular fruit often spread on toast? Does comedian Neal Brennan have the right idea?

These days, the world of sheets and pillows and mattresses-in-a-box and duvet covers is supersaturated. When my eyes glazed over Krispy-Kreme-style after reading my eleventh mattress-centric message board, I decided to change my approach and beeline to a few well-rested experts for their personal recommendations on how to concoct the perfect bed. Below are a bunch of enthusiastic suggestions that’ll make sleeping in your bed feel like snoozing on a CBD-infused cumulus cloud.


Liz Eichholz, co-founder and creative director of Weezie Towels
Liz’s favorite sheets: “Here ends the never-ending hunt for the perfect set of sheets! I am obsessed with this super-soft set from Ettitude: the Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set. I love that they’ve held up well in the wash and don’t wrinkle. Bonus points for keeping this warm sleeper cool throughout the night.”

Elizabeth Tamkin, market strategist of Man Repeller
Elizabeth’s favorite summer sheets: “This 100% Linen Sheet set from Linoto is locally made and the set includes the whole shebang: flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. They also come in 25 different colors to suit your style. This is the perfect summer sheet set that remains soft and sturdy wash after wash.”

Gyan Yankovich, managing editor of Man Repeller
Gyan’s favorite linen sheets: “My boyfriend didn’t get a good night’s sleep for the first two years we lived in NYC—in the summer the weather was too hot, and in the winter, our building’s heat was on full blast. He spent a lot of time researching the best linen sheets and came away with these ones, the Pottery Barn Belgian Linen Sheet set. I was apprehensive to spend so much money on sheets, but we did and they’ve been a game-changer! I have some other sets of linen sheets (from much ‘cooler’ brands) but these are the best by far.”

Mattresses and bed frames

Allison Petty, design director of Hyphen & Co.
Allison’s favorite mattress:The Avocado mattress offers both green and vegan options which is something we really love. The quality and comfort is there, while also committing to a more earth-friendly product.”

Ellen van Dusen, founder of Dusen Dusen
Ellen’s favorite bed frame: “I have the nest storage bed from Design Within Reach, and as a borderline hoarder, it is perfect. I do a lot of ‘testing’ for new bedding when we get samples for my line… which means I have way too much bedding… which takes up a lot of space. The bed frame easily lifts and there’s an empty compartment underneath, which is where I store it all. Also, it just looks really good and has a soft headboard. It’s relatively low to the ground and has an aesthetic I’d describe as plump, the visual equivalent of how I want my furniture to feel.”
[Ed. note: while still a splurge, the Cello storage bed by EQ3 is an alternative to the Design Within Reach model!]

Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters, principal interior designers of Forbes Masters
Tavia and Monet’s headboard tip: “We often recommend a bold headboard, like this tufted one by CB2, to our clients. Whether it be ornate or upholstered, the headboard is a great decorative addition to a space. Paired with a beautiful set of table lamps or pendant lights above the side tables, we love!”


Tiffany Wilkinson, creative director of Man Repeller
Tiffany’s favorite pregnancy pillow: “I ordered this Parachute Home Body Pillow as an alternative to the crazy shaped pregnancy pillows, hoping that I’d be able to keep it as part of my bedding set up post-pregnancy. After I ordered it, I had buyer’s remorse, wondering if it was too self-indulgent of a purchase. Once it arrived, it became an instant game-changer—I immediately started sleeping better, my whole body felt so supported, and it’s great to have something so substantial to spoon. I love the pillow so much I even gave it a name. My partner is a little envious of all the love my body pillow is getting, but if I get out of bed before him, I’ll look over and see him fast asleep straddling the pillow in a deep blissful spoon.”

Liz of Weezie’s favorite sham: “I’m a sucker for layers and an eclectic mix of playful patterns throughout my home—and that extends to our bedroom! I’ve long been drawn to the gorgeous prints from Biscuit Home. Next up for me: this Texan-inspired print that reminds me of my hometown of Austin, the Biscuit Home Marfa Euro Sham.”

Allison of Hyphen’s favorite throw pillows:The Milaya Project has great embroidered throw pillows that have a ton of personality. We love that they also help support the art of South Sudanese refugees.”

Ellie Buckingham and Miri Buckland, co-founders of The Landing
Ellie and Miri’s favorite throw pillow: “We love the Big Rock Throw Pillow from one of our new partners, K-Apostrophe. K’era takes neutral, soothing colors but applies them in interesting ways that make these pillows a great statement piece for many colors of bedding without being too over the top.”

Yours truly
Edith’s favorite slender pillow:
“If you, like me, sometimes only want a nominal lift from the mattress for your noggin, the Vermont Country Store makes just the slender pillow for you. I’d dress her up with this brown striped Tekla sham sold by Goodee.”

Elizabeth’s favorite decorative “body” pillow:  “I suppose this isn’t technically a body pillow but during the night I like a pillow to hug and this Hook Pillow by Justina Blakeney is a great substitute for when my dog doesn’t want to sleep beside me. It also happens to be absolutely beautiful (I love many of Justina Blakeney’s designs and find that their price points are great)—a nice touch to a made bed when you’re not sleeping.”

Megan Hopp, interior designer
Megan’s favorite lumbar pillow: “Every bed should have a lumbar pillow, and St. Frank has my favorite selection. While I love color and pattern, I still opt for a calmer combination in the bedroom and these pillows are perfectly patterned. I am also smitten with the gold zipper detail.”


Lindsey Johnson, co-founder and CEO of Weezie Towels
Lindsey’s new comforter: Buffy Cloud
“The Buffy Cloud is the most recent addition to my bed, and it is certainly living up to its name! Not only is it incredibly soft and cozy, I love that it’s sustainable and made up of 100 percent recycled fiber. A win-win!”

Allison of Hyphen’s favorite comforter: “We love down comforters but are always looking to see how we can make more ethical choices in the products we suggest. Feathered Friends comforters come in different weights depending on preference and use ethically sourced down!”

Blankets and duvet covers

Lindsey of Weezie’s favorite quilt: “At the end of the day, nothing beats a solid white quilt, and this one—the John Robshaw Hand Stitched White Quilthas stood the test of time! It’s my go-to base for a fun mix of pillows and a patterned duvet.”

Ellen of Dusen Dusen’s favorite blanket: “Tooting my own horn here, but I love our coverlets at Dusen Dusen! My current favorite is the river coverlet. It is really soft and drapey, has enough heft that you’re not missing the weight of a duvet, and it’s light enough that you’re not sweating all night during the summer. They are all individually woven by a small manufacturer in Portugal and then stonewashed, so they have that lived-in quality while still looking fresh. Plus, it’s cute!”

Ariel Okin, interior designer
Ariel’s favorite blankets: Kashwere blankets
“Kashwere makes the MOST comfortable blankets—you’ll feel like a little kid with your blankie.”

Tina Rich, interior designer
Tina’s favorite bedding: “I’m a huge fan of Cultiver Bedding! I have them in my own home and recommend them to all my clients. The linen gets softer with each wash and I especially love their gorgeous colors. Their bedding is perfect for a natural, effortless look.”

Elizabeth’s favorite dog-proof blanket: Pendleton Glacier National Park Throw Blanket
“I have a dog who’s slept in bed with me since she was a baby. I only like white sheets, so this combination has been an ongoing struggle for all nine years of our time together. I’ve never had a blanket that disguised her shedding or protected my white sheets quite like this Pendleton blanket. It’s not cheap, and I purchased it after much consideration, but I’ve now had it for over five years, and it still looks brand new. It is hands-down the best home purchase I’ve made.”

Allison of Hyphen’s favorite duvet cover: “Duvet covers are a great way to bring in color or pattern without having to commit, we love going soft and neutral with tones but if you want something a little more fun, Aelfie has a great line of duvets that come in exciting and unique prints.”

Edith’s favorite duvet cover: Marimekko Unikko duvet cover
“I’ve had this duvet cover for years, and it does a lot of visual legwork in a room, plus it does not overheat the sleeper who runs warm. If I could buy it again, I’d pick this beige/light blue/off-white color-way instead.”

Bed-adjacent bells and whistles

Liz of Weezie’s favorite diffuser: Vitruvi White Stone Diffuser
“I love crawling into bed at the end of a long day, adding a few drops of lavender essential oil, and letting my Vitruvi diffuser roll. It’s a simple indulgence and the perfect way to unwind, relax, and prepare for a good night’s sleep.”

Ellen of Dusen Dusen’s new bedside lamp: Duck Lamp from Dave’s Clubhouse
“It gives off the perfect amount of soft light and is on a dimmer, which I love. When it’s off, it’s a cute piece of art on your wall.”

Ariel Okin’s soon-to-be favorite alarm clock: “Very excited about Hatch’s new alarm clock—it sounds like a great way to untether from your phone at night.”

Feature Image via Cody Guilfoyle.

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