Drop Everything (Softly Though) and Get in on the Fuzzy Shoe Trend

Raise your hand if you are a Petter: Someone who not only takes immense comfort in the act of petting, but also does so habitually, constantly, without thinking.

Keep your hand up if you therefore find yourself petting all sorts of things: Like dogs, of course. Rabbits. Cats, sure. Hand up.

Also, your dear friend’s elbow.

Earlobes? Heaven.

(All of you who nodded, hands up.)

The scalp of your television-watching significant other? Absolutely; mutually beneficial.

Little bits of your own peach-fuzzed face, anything covered in beads, velvet ribbons? Up, up, up.

Does anyone in here pet sand? Like when you’re at the beach, do you pet and pat and pet?

If you can’t help but pet a new friend’s sweater, I get it. You really should ask first — ditto that of your cousin’s baby’s chubby wrist — but to both, yup: hand up.

By now I see a room full of Petters’ palms high and forward. What strange torture this would be if I addressed a story about tactile delights to a room full of people who soothe themselves by way of little pets, and didn’t then deliver with something really soft to touch. So, if your hand is up, I think you might find yourself extremely interested in this Fall/Winter season’s assortment of very fuzzy footwear.

Imagine wearing a pair of Sleeper’s slippers while watching a scary movie, then remembering that you can relax a little just by keeping your hand near your ankle.

Imagine shuffling to work in Tibi’s red slides, or Trademark’s teddy bear sandals, and knowing that at any moment, you can bend over and pet your own dogs.

Imagine putting your feet, clad in Ayr’s fluffy pajama flats or ChaussonsDeCeeCee’s faux fur flops on top of furniture. No one would scold you! They’d ask permission to pet!

The slideshow features nine options in total, each one cozier than the next: like a blue-bellied Birkenstock, a pink nubby Madewell slide, or a Tory Burch sandal so soft you’ll want to rub it with your face. They’re all so cozy, they could easily hang with the stuffed animals on your bed. They’re so happy, you might be inclined give them a hug, or to turn them into puppets and watch them dance. (That’s what we did!)

You kind of can’t go wrong. The most important thing — the most important thing of all — is that they give you the warm and fuzzies.

Photos by Louisiana Mei Gelpi; Art Direction by Emily Zirimis.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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