Market Report: 6 Pairs of Cool Shoes for Big Feet

Feet, like human bodies, come in all different shapes and sizes. Yet footwear companies — like so many brands of clothing — have yet to recognize this reality. Throughout the course of various shoots and stories for Man Repeller, women like Kellie Brown, Katie Sturino, Emily Zirmis and Emilia Petrarca (who, at 5’4,” wears a size 10 shoe and once wrote a post for us called “You Know What They Say About Big Feet“) have explained, loud and clear, how ANNOYING of a conundrum this is. The common thread: “I like shoes. I like fashion. I want my shoes to reflect my taste and yet, can’t find them in my size.”

It is true that the options are limited. The options are so limited that if you are in design school and/or want to start a business and are reading this, take note, because here is your hole in the market to fill. But it’s not totally helpless.

Elizabeth Tamkin is responsible for sourcing so many of the accessories you see in our shoots, and she has become something of a big shoe sleuth. When Emily pitched a “big foot shoe story,” Elizabeth went on a hunt for the six best pairs currently for sale. Scroll above for the selection and then please, for the love of big-footed humans who want their shoes to tell stories with as much fervor as their clothes, tell us in the comments where you buy your shoes, too.

Styled by Elizabeth Tamkin, photos by Krista Anna Lewis, words by Amelia Diamond.

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