The Best Shoes on The RealReal Right This Second

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I have a footwear shopping problem I think we might share: the design of a lot of new shoes is often just a little bit off from what I really want. What I really want, it seems, is the original style they’re referencing. Take these classic Gucci loafers, for example. They’re the perfect loafer. No other loafer I find has the exact little lip, or the chunky sole, or the squarish toe I’m after. In general, reinterpretations of designs can be cool, but with footwear, I find that the original tends to take the cake. That’s why I’ve been focused on collecting second-hand versions of some of my favorite classic styles on The RealReal lately, where they’re a fraction of the original price. And hmm…. while we’re on The RealReal… what about these toe-cap Chanel flats? Yet another style that’s inspiring today’s footwear. Beyond the shoes I’ve obsessed over, The RealReal also has styles I didn’t even know I wanted. And then price tag shocks me (Manolo’s for under $100, anyone?!).

As ever, I am overwhelmed and excited by all the options. So I’ve channeled my energy into breaking down the best of what’s out there right now—by shoe size, for your shopping ease.

Size 5 and 5.5

Size 6 and 6.5

Size 7 and 7.5

Size 8 and 8.5

Size 9 and 9.5

Size 10 and 10.5

Size 11 and 11.5

Size 12 and 12.5

Me? I have six pairs of shoes in my cart now. If you get something, tell me what you score because I. Must. Know. And one more question: How the heck are these Dries shoes $135 with an additional 20% off?! 

Feature photo by Edith Young.

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