It’s April 25th and All You Need Is a Light Jacket

Once upon a time, April 25th was a calendar date just like any other. It wasn’t until the year 2000 A.D. that everything changed:

Thanks to Miss Congeniality, April 25th is now essentially a national holiday commemorating the ideal juncture between spring and summer: a magical blip wherein Mother Nature bestows temperature regulation upon the lands courtesy of gentle sunlight and gentler breezes. All you need is a light jacket.

In celebration of this annual delight, Man Repeller Market Assistant Elizabeth Tamkin sourced six delightful light jackets that cost $100 or less (I repeat: $100 or less!!!) and styled them accordingly. Enjoy the roundup below, replete with accessorizing ideas aplenty.

1. DOMDRICHshop PVC trench via Etsy

According to fashion ethics, you can’t do a jacket market report in April without including something waterproof i.e. a raincoat. Most raincoats are kinda boring, but leave it to Elizabeth to source this PVC dream from Etsy. It’s handmade and only $99. “I love that it lets you see the clothes you’re wearing underneath, which are usually hidden under a coat or jacket,” Elizabeth told me, to which I replied, “Same, especially when the clothes underneath include a floral-print turtleneck.”

2. After Party Vintage jacket via Nasty Gal and Topshop jacket

You haven’t lived until you’ve layered two light jackets over each other like a springtime millefeuille. I would personally recommend donning a combo like this when you have plans to hang out with a friend who is often underdressed, that way you can heroically loan one of yours like a superhero with an extra cape.

3. DEZZAL corduroy jacket via Amazon

For just $35.99, you can live out your dream of wearing corduroy in corduroy’s off-season (if that isn’t on your dream list, I highly recommend adding it). This jacket, which Elizabeth found on Amazon, is unlined and therefore the perfect weight for this perfect date. It also resembles a windbreaker, which is great news since I reported that windbreakers will be trending hard this spring, if you’ll kindly recall.

4. Vintage Dolce & Gabbana via TheRealReal

Elizabeth snagged this Dolce & Gabbana jacket for a whopping $68 on The RealReal, which reminded me to only shop on The Real Real from now until eternity. The resulting outfit is also a testament to the fact that a jacket really can turn a white T-shirt and blue jeans (give or take a few accessories) into a full LOOK. If that’s not springtime magic then I’m a monkey’s great aunt.

5. Vintage jacket from The Break

“I like the idea of making a jacket a thoughtful part of your outfit instead of simply throwing it on as an extra layer to keep warm,” Elizabeth told me about this outfit, promptly blowing my mind. The coordinating jacket and shorts are from a vintage boutique called The Break, but you can easily create the same effect with any matching set — even with a plain jean jacket paired with mid-thigh-length cut-offs. Incidentally, I’m never wearing a sunglasses croakie behind my neck ever again.

The perfect date indeed.

Photos by Edith Young. Modeled by AddisMarket and Styling by Elizabeth Tamkin.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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