This is the Best Strapless Bra for Big Boobs

As the writer of this story, I feel compelled to disclose that I don’t have huge boobs. They aren’t nonexistent, but they aren’t enormous either. I do, however, dislike the majority of strapless bras, which tend to dig into my skin. They’re like circular talons that leave angry, red hula-hoop marks. I’ve never found one that’s totally comfortable.

The fact that I, an average-boobed woman, have never found a strapless bra I love means it must be nigh impossible for big-boobed women who have to deal with support issues in addition to the (seemingly) inevitable strapless bra discomfort. It would ergo stand to reason that the big-boobed community has the highest standards for strapless bra approval. If a member of said community were to give a strapless bra a favorable review, that strapless bra would have to be amazing.

“Question for people with big boobs! Do you have a strapless bra you like? If so, pls DM me it’s for a Man Repeller story.”

Responses poured in. As you might expect, many were strapless bra laments. Dozens of women proclaimed that a good strapless bra for big boobs doesn’t exist and never will. Others messaged me to say that they personally hadn’t found one but were excited this story was in the works. To those who did: I hope the results of my polling will be of some help. Because guess what? Not only did a plethora of big-boobed women DM me that they had found a strapless bra they loved, but there was also one strapless bra in particular that was mentioned over and over and over again…

~*~*~*Wacoal’s Red Carpet Strapless Full Busted Underwire Bra!~*~*~

Here are some things people said about it:

“I’m a 30G and this baby’s a godsend.”

“As a lingerie specialist, I would always give my clients the Wacoal Red Carpet strapless.”

“As a 30G, the only strapless bra I’ve found that doesn’t remotely suck is the Wacoal Red Carpet bra. I don’t know why it’s called the Red Carpet bra.”

“If it’s any help, I buy [strapless bras] for actresses in shows! I don’t wear them, but I source and fit them. The Wacoal 854119 has some side boning for good stay-up purposes. Very good for large boobs!!”

“I have recommended this bra to so many people and everyone loves it.”

“I’m a 34DD. I love Wacoal’s Red Carpet bra.”

So there you have it. The best strapless bra in existence, according to my trust, big-boobed Instagram followers. It comes in five colors and goes up to an I cup. I’m wearing a strapless dress to a party this weekend and I’ve never been more grateful for Prime shipping.

Photos by Edith Young.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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