Supersized Cargos, Patterned Co-ords & Other Looks From Shanghai Fashion Week

Shanghai Fashion Week Street Style Man Repeller

You know when you spend ages anticipating something and then it arrives and is over in the blink of an eye? That’s how I feel about fashion month. It blows into proverbial town with all its chaotic energy, beauty and imagination, filing out onto runways and spilling into the streets in every direction and then, before I can wrap my head around it all, it’s gone. What I miss first are the boatloads of outfit inspiration. But just as I was wistfully swiping through what I thought to be the last street style slideshow of the season, Shanghai Fashion Week swooped in and saved me, like a sartorial Superman, dressed in the following various uniforms:

+patterned co-ords that play with proportion
+knee-high socks paired with mary janes
+supersized cargo and work pants
+a number of berets that likely surpasses the number of mimes that exist
+blazers that appear roomy enough for two
+enough red to paint the entire town
+a fudge-ton of plaid — bags, jackets, skirts, pants, you name it

It’s truly a delight to witness, so I’ll stop talking about it and just let you click through the slideshow above, as shot by Matthew Sperzel over the course of Shanghai Fashion Week.

Photos by Matthew Sperzel.

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