6 Style Tips to Try Now, As Told By Tory Burch SS19


 truly understand if you want to fling a flop of string cheese at me for bringing up transitional dressing if you’re still mourning August (although it’s possible you were getting a liiiittle sick of my incessant reminder of summer not being over. It’s not over, by the way! cc Noah Calhoun!) but after seeing Tory Burch’s SS19 collection this morning, I can’t help it: I love to talk and think about the sliver of time between hot and chilly.

This show in particular offered up so many great tips to try ASAP, which translates directly into A Summer-Autumn Party. It doesn’t totally make grammatical sense in that sentence but I THINK we are all here to figure out what to wear now through mid-October, so, without further ado, I present an interpretation of Tory Burch’s SS19 for ASAP18 styling.

1. Carry your love of co-ords through the fall.

Matching your tops to your bottoms is not just a summer thing. You know that trench coat in your closet? Match your pants to it. Have a coordinating set that’s sleeveless and you’re worried it’s a little too cool for armpit exposure? Add a blouse underneath.

2. Dig out the oversize cardigan you forgot about in the back of your closet (it’s to the right, I think).

On their own, cardigans are essentially cozier September jackets. Paired with a buddy to make a set (like this one in orange), they’re the preppy pairing you may not have known you needed, but that’s what friends are for.

3. Just because you’re off the beach doesn’t mean you stop protecting your scalp and face!

Excuse me for not bringing up the brimmed elephant in the room sooner: hats. Straw hats, to be specific. Says Leandra: “If you’re afraid of bees, a good way to express without having to tell people is by wearing this hat.” With or without a spikey-butted bug fear, I can tell you that I plan to find and wear something similar right up until October 21st. (Then I’ll switch to felt, then we can revisit all of this again in May.)

4. Get ready to over-index on khaki.

But also, take comfort knowing that Leandra just emailed me “there’s no such thing as over-indexing on khaki.” My knees and elbows would like to thank the congregation.

5. Legs all goose-pimply in that skirt you can’t stop wearing? Add pants. 

As for what to add up top: a simple collared shirt will do ya.

6. Finally, on for business casual Friday, throw a black tie dress over your regular clothes. 

Why not, you know? Transitional dressing is all about layering.

Feature image by Angela Weiss/AFP; Photos by Vogue Runway. 

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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