Upstage the Groom and Wear a Suit to Your Next Wedding

I don’t know if it’s because of that time Celine Dion wore a backward one to the Academy Awards or just my Sapphic proclivities, but I love a suit. You know what I love nearly as much? A wedding — just as long as I’m not in it. I considered these two facts the other day while thinking about what to wear to the wedding I’m attending at the end of this month (congrats Hampton and Amber! *air horn blast*). Then it hit me: Why not put these two things together in a little outfit-inspiration blender, because it’s spring wedding time, baby, and I bet we could all use a bit of help figuring out what to wear while our friends get hitched.

This is precisely why, below, I will take you on a little fashion adventure. Designed for the femme who’s looking to be more than that wedding guest in a basic dress, these looks will provide suited sartorial options for any sort of spring nuptuals (and keep your legs free to shimmy one at a time on the dance floor without having to lift up an annoying skirt). Enjoy.

For the Courthouse Wedding

A courthouse wedding is nothing to scoff at, as this Derek Lam suit knows. It’s sturdy enough to travel from subway to “I do” collecting nary a crease or pull along the way, yet airy enough (especially without an undershirt!) for the spring sun. And how fun are the flare legs?

For the Beach Wedding

“I’m not a regular suit, I’m a cool suit.” That’s what this suit is whispering while you sip your mai tai as a beach wedding guest. Do you smell the ocean on the breeze? Or maybe it’s coconut rum. If it is the latter, fear not, because this relaxed suit is perfect for dancing the night away under a cabana while a ukelele version of “Nice for What” serenades guests. (P.S.: Yes, I am available to plan your beach wedding.)

For the Cocktail Hour in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden Wedding

Have you ever dreamed of wearing a chocolate brown suit with biker short-length bottoms? No, I hadn’t either — until I saw this number on Asos dot com. And let me tell, it’s everything I imagined it would be! Wear a luxe pearl bra top over the jacket to glam cocktail hour up, but know that the look kills (and is easier to dance in) without it as well. Has a look ever been so verse?!

For the Black-Tie Wedding

Apologies to the bride in advance, this sequined beauty will have all eyes on you for as long as they can stand the belt’s kira kira effect. This look is perfect for a more formal event in the evening, but don’t be deterred from wearing in the sun because you’ll shine like that Lil Wayne song. Pro-tip: The suit’s pants are loooong, so you’ll need to rock shoes with height. I recommend platforms so you can dance safely (?).

Photos by Louisiana Mei Gelpi; Market and styling by Elizabeth Tamkin. 

Emma Bracy

Emma is the Associate Editor at Man Repeller.

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