The Only Three Hats You Need This Summer !Plus! Man Repeller’s Baseball Cap

As we have officially dubbed August the month of Endless Summer, there is a zero percent chance we are not poised to make you feel like, you know, summer is never going to end. Of course, all good (and bad!) things do to an end but seeing as May was Mental Health month and you’ve thus become the master of your own mind, you also know that if we decide summer is a state of mind, it can technically outlive us all. One strong and fairly literal reminder of this new truth is to consider wearing a straw hat. With it over your head, you are consistently reminded, as it cloaks your brain, that you’re the king of the neat little castle under which your hat resides. Then! As it gets cooler and you resolve that you might actually need a beanie, you make a choice by refusing to give in and continuing to wear your dislocated hat. This choice is neither a cry for attention nor is is it a plea to be different. It’s discipline, people! Your resolute conviction. Conviction to confirm that summer only ends if you let it.

So here, we bequeath you three great hats to choose from. Look no further than the slideshow above and justify the investment by using outfit math and committing all of the above to memory.

The end.

JUST KIDDING!!! I know you see what we put in there and yeah! It’s here! The Man Repeller baseball cap. Do any of us play baseball? No. Do we like creating dichotomies with our lewks? Duh, yes. And nothing looks as curiously high-low as a cap paired with a fancy ass dress, or whatever. So if straw isn’t your thing, I’m still really glad you’re here because now you can buy a cap by us, for you and not play sports while you wear it to your heart’s content.

My assumption is that you’re always thinking like a man repeller, right? Why not wear a hat so that everybody knows it.

I’m so glad we created this club together.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis; creative direction by Emily Zirimis.


Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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