9 Outfits I Want to Copy From Instagram, Posthaste

Outfit Ideas I Want to Steal From Instagram

It’s always been my dream to write one of these articles in which MR team members get to point to some of their favorite outfits on Instagram because, well, I spend my whole life on Instagram. Though my saved folder is primarily niche memes, shitposts, and cats, I do dabble in an occasional outfit save because the accounts I follow provide me with material that’s just too good to look at once. Below are some of the ensembles that are breathing new life into my calcifying summer wardrobe:

1. It’s Like Algebra, But Literally Easy

I cannot escape my feelings around a simple, white, tiered layer-cake of a dress paired with some colorful—or not, dealer’s choice—athletic shoes. This formula will always win with me: it’s infallible. I’m a long time fan and first time caller of Yaminah Mayo’s, and I think her iteration of the white dress + sneakers is my perfect execution. Gotta go tho, need to grab a pair of thick-framed red sunglasses so I don’t throw off my equation.

2. Remember Rainbow Fish?

When I was tabbing outfits for this story in my browser, I was like: I don’t have a consistent sense of style! These won’t be cohesive! Woe! Then when they were all compiled in one place I realized: I guess it is kind of cohesive? I like color, I like comfort, and, in a certain way, I like the interplay of “feminine” and “masculine.” This outfit, from one of my favorite follows, has it all for me because it’s a marriage of two special things: Rainbow Fish and The Groutfit.

3. The Perfect Dress Doesn’t Exi—

I’m not usually a “dress girl,” but Kellie B has just introduced me to the perfect summer dress. I love a garment that swings away, allowing for blissful, breezy airflow when I need it most. I’m also taking styling notes: red lip, slick, middle parted hair, a simple gold chain… I’ll add in a pair of sandals for good measure, too.

4. Back 2 Middle School

Did I mention cozy? Did someone say… colorful? Michelle Li inspires my personal style so often I pretty much take every cue she hands me, (except for the incredible pink hair, and let me tell you I considered). I love the color combination here, which she labels “middle school Michelle” and I plan to recreate in my own way using my own pair of orange sweats, a vintage blue sweatshirt and these exact cloud tie-dye socks. *Says something fancy in French to indicate I’m feeling chic*

5. Trust Me: Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter—clearly the sailor I most identify with—is always on my mood board. If you haven’t been re-watching Sailor Moon in quarantine, then, yes, you’ve been missing out and I’m sorry. This is technically the school uniform from the show, but since personality collars, neutral color schemes, and female rage are still in style, I’ll be wearing this outfit with a crew sock and black loafers. I’ll get back to you on the body-slamming-with-superhuman-strength thing.

6. Oh Yeah, I Just Skated Here

This slideshow of looks is very important to me, but I’m looking specifically at slides 2, 3, and 7. These three outfits have been the first time I’ve jones-ed for fall all summer long, because I really have been enjoying the moments of warmth this year, where everything feels more cherished. Anyway, I plan to wear my straight leg denim with Clarks, a high-neck ribbed tank, a bomber jacket and a ponytail. I’ll wear my sweatpants with a crew neck sweater, a denim jacket, and loafers. I’ll wear my athletic shorts with a sweatshirt whose strings are all the way pulled and a canvas jacket. Did I mention I’ve started skateboarding?

7. SoooOooo Ditzy

This image is a perfect example of my love of the marriage between masc and fem because I would wear this ditzy floral print top with none other than a cargo pant from the likes of Carhartt or Stan Ray. Plus a big orthopedic shoe that would definitely make it look like I’d broken a toe or two. Hair: down. Earrings: big. Glasses: big. Attitude: huge.

8. Serving Garden Party Fantasy Realness

As I lean further into Cottagecore, I’ve come to realize that April’s account is the embodiment of it all. The pastels! The whispery dresses! The ruffles and florals and cap sleeves! I particularly love this sage green dress with a pink head scarf and white mules… Copying immediately.

9. Duh

The final pic on the summer moodboard is obviously this dog. I don’t even have a garden, but my prime summer look is inspired by this little Frederick Law Olmsted honey. A straw hat, an oversized button down worn loosely around the shoulders, a bandana, sunscreen slathered to the point of absurdity, patient and tender care for vegetation… The dream.

So: whose outfits are on your summer moodboard? What’s inspiring you lately? I’ve included some additional inspo below, thanks to the genius of my friend and coworker, Beth Sacca. Meet me in the comments to dish about your favorite color palette and Sailor Moon episode (or literally neither, I’ll still be there for you).

Slideshow Images via Getty Images and Everett Collection.

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