Full-Coverage Outfits That Won’t Make You Sweat

I was just at a wedding, which means my ears were reacquainted with such popular hits as “that ‘tonight’s gonna be a good night’ song,” “the ‘Shout’ song,” and “Hey Ya” (actual name, easy to remember), so don’t mind me for having all three stuck in my head and using the latter’s lyrics to warm up the intro for this story: To borrow OutKast’s André 3000 query, “What’s cooler than being cold?”

Ice cold, sure, if you’re into melting swan centerpieces. But dressing in full-coverage outfits that won’t make you melt is pretty cool, too.

The why you want to cover up (uh, because you want to) is no one’s weather-shaming business. The how, however, is super important, because I know firsthand that when it’s hot outside and hot in your room and you get out of the hot shower and as a result, you’re hot, THE PANIC COMES!!!! And then getting dressed is suddenly impossible and you’re forced to starfish on your bed until you’re late and you put on a weird rushed outfit as a result. Let’s practice now instead so that we’re alllll prepared, which will make us feel at least five degrees cooler.

Flip a fan on and let’s get started.

Pair a Long Sleeve Shirt With a Flowy Bell Skirt

I like this top in particular because of the back’s deep-V, which you could wear flipped around if you want some skin exposure after all. (If you want no skin, layer a striped shirt under — remember this story?) The shirt’s peplum plays up the more-is-more volume thing — plus, anything that lends itself to a breeze. As for the skirt, go for light, floaty, and any longer-length that suits you. Clash patterns if you want to. Add big straw clod hoppers and invite your toes to play peekaboo.

Pair a White Blouse With Lime Green Pants

I know that’s color-specific, but the goal here is to dress yourself like a cool slice of Key Lime pie. Keep the pants’ fabric nice, knit and light. Keep their legs loose and wide. The shirt should feel like air on your skin. Add a silk scarf for air-conditioned rooms and, when you’re commuting, to mop your brow.

Wear a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Dress Over Straight-Leg Trousers 

Choose your own adventure because different dress-length/pant-style combinations depend on the wearer. In this case, I liked how the back of the tunic hem hit right at the ankle of these lightweight sport-specific trousers (they’re golf pants; they’re my favorite). Because of pant length, the espadrilles followed. Then came a straw visor, because why not, you know? If you try this at home, stick a mini fan in your mini bag and off you go: the most chill girl in the world.

Photos by Edith Young. Modeled by Jerudys Santana of APM Models. 

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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